Van Hemlock is Leet!

Just because I am a complete nerd, I laughed and then took a screen shot of this:

leet monster hunter!

The hover data over on VirginWorlds this evening showed that Van Hemlock had been clicked on 1337 times.

I suppose this now confirms that Van Hemlock, Virtual Monsterhunter, is officially leet.

I always suspected as much.

I suppose it says something about me as well, since I noticed this.

Of course, in the spirit of beating a dead horse, I also noted that Nerfbat was just 10 shy of leetness:


Mystic Worlds was just 2 shy of being leet:


(and it took will power to not click on that link twice just to get the screen shot)

And, finally, Aggro Me is past leetness:


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