Daily Archives: April 20, 2007

Night Four At Nektropos Castle

Wednesday night.  I got home late.  My wife stayed up just long enough to kiss me good night, then went to bed.  I am tired myself.

So what do I do?

Log on and zone into Nek Castle of course!

I just wanted to see if the Swinelord would spawn for me.

And sure enough, there he was.  Hello Swinelord!


Of course, once I killed him, I was nearly done with the quest.  I went back to the froglock assassin who told me to go slay Maltus Everling (didn’t I do that on Sunday?) and take the mask.

Through the castle, the secret door, up the stairs, through Everling’s bedroom, down the hidden steps, and through a series of secret doors to his lab.

I forgot that running up the last corridor spawns encounters as you advance.  I realized this when I got to the end of the corridor and saw I had an angry mob of mobs after me.

They seem like a lot.  You can barely see me in the middle of the fray.


In the end though, my mighty swashbuckler powers… and the fact that I was 18 levels above them… put things right, with them all down and me still standing.

Maltus Everling did not seem happy to see me a second time.  I did not even kill his whole family this time.  That was Sunday.  But he didn’t seem pleased at all.


The battle was joined.  This time it went much more smoothly.  For me, that is.  Everling died in record time.

And with him down and his minions down, all I had to do was open the chest and the quest would be complete.

But I realized the quest was grey and I had no way to group and mentor with anybody in order to reap the AA experience.  Oh well.  I finished it anyway.  This put our guild within spitting distance of level 29.

And I got the guise of the deceiver, so I can turn Blintz into a dark elf.


A dark elf with WINGS!


A flying dark elf!


This looks so funny that I may just keep this appearance all the time!

And now I do not have any tasks left in Nektropos Castle.  Well, there is the Ghoulbane.  But I haven’t even picked up the dusty blue stone yet to start the quest, so I have a ways to go.