Daily Archives: April 22, 2007

How Green Was Mii Valley

A Mii is a character you can create on your Nintendo Wii.  You do not have to create one, but it is pretty cool if you do.  Your Mii acts as your avatar in some Wii games, including Wii Sports.

My daughter is in love with the Mii creation process.  We now have many Miis living in our Wii. (I am disappointed that Mii is not both singular and plural, like fish, sheep, or Wii.)

Frankly, this is one obsession that I understand.  Making a Mii is actually fun.  Nintendo hit right on the mark in the balance between customizability and simplicity.  The Mii creation interface offers more customization than any MMO I have ever played aside from City of Heroes.  Each Mii can be made to look quite distinct.  On the other hand, the designs are quite simple, so Mii are in no danger of straying into the Uncanny Valley.

When you have made up your Mii, you can then use that Mii as your in-game character for some games, such as Wii Sports.  In Wii Baseball, it actually fills out the other 8 players on your team from the Miis on your system.

This fact opened the door to rampant Mii creation.

When my daughter figured out that it drew from your Mii pool to fill out your team, she told me she needed to make a few more for her team.  We had four already, one that looks somewhat like me (which I made), one that looks like my wife (who has yet to touch the Wii), and two that my daughter made for herself.

Now every time I look at the Mii channel on our Wii, I find more and more Miis living there.  There were 22 there last night.  I suspect there will be a couple more before she goes to bed tonight.  The system caps out at 100 Miis, so we have some room to grow.

The funny thing is that my daughter has also taken over the role of inspector of Mii quality.  She has to approve of any Miis created.  If she does not like them, she does not hide the fact.

Now, I am the only other person in the house that is likely to create a Mii, so it isn’t a big deal when my ideas are rejected.

Still, she practically threw a hissy fit when I made an “ugly” Mii. (Her opinion.  I was just going for a Goth look.)

It also took quite a bit of negotiation to convince her to make a Mii with blonde hair, since all of her Miis so far look, superficially, like her when they are female (long brown hair in different styles, green eyes, and the like) or like me when they are male (tall, skinny, blue eyes, and somewhat goofy).

Even with that, we have fun with the Miis.  I hope that there will be more games like Wii Sports that let you use a Mii as your in game avatar.

I just wish I could save off a screen shot of my Mii.  I’d make him my forum avatar.