Wanted: MMO Rosetta Stone

Here is an idea for an MMO web site if you are looking for a niche.  In playing several MMOs over the last year and having dragged a couple of friends from one MMO to another, I have wished for the equivalent of a Rosetta Stone for MMO knowledge.

This wish will probably become more universal with the upcoming release of Lord of the Rings Online.  LOTRO, while it sticks with many of the common MMO conventions, renamed nearly everything in an effort to meld the MMO standards into the Tolkien world.

In my vision, this site would be a comparison of the mechanics and terminology for playing different MMOs.  A few of the common topics that ought to be covered include:


Most equipment in WoW is bind on equip or bind on pick up.  In EQ2 most equipment attuned, which is similar to bind on equip, but has a manual step (right click to attune) that somebody coming from WoW might not guess.  EvE has, to my knowledge, no such mechanism.

And then there is the “how good is this” aspect.  If it is “Rare” in WoW, is that as good as “Mastercrafted” in EQ2?  I suppose you won’t me able to line quality tiers up exactly, but it would be nice to have them list out next to each other.


Does stuff have weight in the game?  I mailed a few bank boxes to a friend who joined up on EQ2.  She put them in her bags and then could not figure out why she was suddenly moving so slowly.  She, of course, came from WoW, where nothing has weight.

Screen Shots

In WoW, Alt-Z turns off the UI and Print Scrn takes a screen shot in a raw format by default.  In EQ2, F10 turns off the UI, Print Scrn takes a screen shot in JPEG format by default, but you can adjust the compression or change to a raw format.


WoW uses real time, but the time zone is based on the server on which you play.  EvE uses real time, but it is GMT.  EQ and EQ2 have their own time scale which is, if I recall right, on the order of one real time minute is one game time hour.


WoW has copper, silver, and gold, with the ratio of 100 = 10 = 1.  EvE just has ISK, and it frequently comes in 7 digit amounts.  EQ has copper, silver, gold, platinum with the ratio of 1000 = 100 = 10 = 1, but EQ2 has the same coins with the ratio of 1000000 = 10000 = 100  = 1, a ratio I did not notice for some time after I started playing.


Standard channels, how to speak on them, how to create your own channels, how to send messages directly to people, and how to use the mail system, if there is one, in game.

Other Items

A lot of basic game mechanics vary at least slightly from game to game.  The site should cover things like, how to form a group, how to create a guild, what guilds are called and if they even exist in some games, how to form a raid, and so on.

So that is my idea, you are welcome to it.  I suppose it could be done as a Wiki, though my own experience with Wikis are primarily with the internal ones at my company, where people seem to believe that “Wiki” is the Hawaiian word for “spastically disorganized,” so I am somewhat down on them at the moment. 

If somebody has already done such a site, point me at it!  If you want to do the site, I’ll be happy to contribute.  I just know that I will never get around to doing it myself.

8 thoughts on “Wanted: MMO Rosetta Stone

  1. rulez

    In EQ2 70 real minutes are one day in Norrath. That means 1 real minute are 2.917 hours in Norrath, n00b :P


  2. rulez

    I hate it when I cannot edit stuff I write. How on earth can anyone used to write on a computer type stuff correctly on the first go? :P


  3. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    I just chose the 1 minute = 1 hour because that came from Toril MUD and since the orginal EQ borrowed/took/stole (depending on your point of view) so much from Toril, I figured they might have run with that one as well.

    As for editing comments, I think the irony is just rich enough that I will leave things as is. Thank you for the information however. I’ll check on that should anybody take up this scheme I have proposed.


  4. Thilandril

    I’m pretty sure that both EverQuest and EverQuest II use the same time system: 3 RL min = 1 ingame hour. Thus 1 full 24 hour day ingame takes 72 RL minutes. I’m 99% sure on this (100% sure re: EQ1) but now I’m definitely going to have to check it tonight in EQ2 to be positive :p


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