Daily Archives: April 28, 2007

The Superlative Six

The day of reckoning is at hand.  SOE has not shown me any reason to spend an additional five dollars a month on Station Access, so my account has been cancelled.

When you quit Station Access, it appears that you have to cancel your account, let it run out the clock, then subscribe individually to the games (if any) you want to play.

But I had one thing left to do before time ran out on Station Access.  I had to slim down to six characters in EverQuest II.  Some deletions were in order.

Now, I know, you do not HAVE to delete your extra characters if you leave the Station Access plan.  SOE doesn’t expunge them.  They remain, just in a state of inaccessibility.

I just worry about the algorithm used to determine which characters go into suspended animation.  I can just see me doing something at the last minute and suddenly finding that one of the characters I want to play is locked down.

Fortunately, when it came down to it, the surviving six were not too hard to choose. 

I had a total of nine character.  Six of them were over level 50 in either adventure or trade skills, one of them was level 27 and had only just passed the Artisan stage of trade skills, and the final two were under level 15 and had no trade skill training at all.

So the six remaining are the six represented on my characters page.

Now to think about subscribing to a standard EQ2 account.  I might actually let that slide for a couple weeks.

As much as I enjoy EQ2, Lord of the Rings Online is out, fresh, installed, and much on my mind.  I get home and I want to play in Middle Earth rather than Norrath.  For now.

So I will probably save myself a few dollars and hold off my EQ2 subscription until I have worn out a bit of the LOTRO bug.  I still want to get Blintz to 70 (or close to 70) before the next expansion, but I really do not have time (or budget) for 3 MMOs.  LOTRO is free for the next few weeks, WoW is paid out to June, and Station Access expires today.  Like picking the six characters, the logical choice is pretty apparent.

And since Station Access is going, I should probably uninstall The Matrix Online and Star Wars Galaxies as well.  I played MxO a bit, but was not enthusiastic about it, and I never got around to creating a character in SWG.  And so it goes.