The Superlative Six

The day of reckoning is at hand.  SOE has not shown me any reason to spend an additional five dollars a month on Station Access, so my account has been cancelled.

When you quit Station Access, it appears that you have to cancel your account, let it run out the clock, then subscribe individually to the games (if any) you want to play.

But I had one thing left to do before time ran out on Station Access.  I had to slim down to six characters in EverQuest II.  Some deletions were in order.

Now, I know, you do not HAVE to delete your extra characters if you leave the Station Access plan.  SOE doesn’t expunge them.  They remain, just in a state of inaccessibility.

I just worry about the algorithm used to determine which characters go into suspended animation.  I can just see me doing something at the last minute and suddenly finding that one of the characters I want to play is locked down.

Fortunately, when it came down to it, the surviving six were not too hard to choose. 

I had a total of nine character.  Six of them were over level 50 in either adventure or trade skills, one of them was level 27 and had only just passed the Artisan stage of trade skills, and the final two were under level 15 and had no trade skill training at all.

So the six remaining are the six represented on my characters page.

Now to think about subscribing to a standard EQ2 account.  I might actually let that slide for a couple weeks.

As much as I enjoy EQ2, Lord of the Rings Online is out, fresh, installed, and much on my mind.  I get home and I want to play in Middle Earth rather than Norrath.  For now.

So I will probably save myself a few dollars and hold off my EQ2 subscription until I have worn out a bit of the LOTRO bug.  I still want to get Blintz to 70 (or close to 70) before the next expansion, but I really do not have time (or budget) for 3 MMOs.  LOTRO is free for the next few weeks, WoW is paid out to June, and Station Access expires today.  Like picking the six characters, the logical choice is pretty apparent.

And since Station Access is going, I should probably uninstall The Matrix Online and Star Wars Galaxies as well.  I played MxO a bit, but was not enthusiastic about it, and I never got around to creating a character in SWG.  And so it goes.

9 thoughts on “The Superlative Six

  1. Michael

    Man I wish they’d get around to announcing what they’re doing with that service. :P

    I really think they should have held off on raising the price until they could announce their new features at the same time. Bad move SOE.


  2. Gaff

    The Slaughterhouse Five reference not withstanding, the rest of your post is the blurbbering of a maniac. Your logic resembles a one piece puzzle. I will help you.

    1. Sell WoW bundled with LoTR software at “moving in” garage sale.

    2.Uninstall said software/delete characters, never use their names again, except for Vikund.

    3. Petition to change Vikund’s name in EQ2.

    4. Take your med’s, read Tolkein at night (as no game will ever be as good as the originals) and supress the obsession with “that game.” You cannot rule them all–you won’t rule them all! Oteb, if he is playing, is already ruling them all I’m quite sure. Of course, ICE’s P and P came close.

    5. Mines of Meldrath?


  3. Kesselia

    Wil I have some alts coming to crushbone including a lvl 51 inquis so you better come back…I need an armorer who can make cobalt =).


  4. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    I’m just on a short break. I am in no way done with EQ2. The combination of a new game I want to try, Station Access lapsing, and work taking up a lot of extra time lately (I barely played anything last week), made this an opportune time to at least not pay for one of the games I have little time for at the moment.

    I am not, for example, going to hold out until SOE announces something new to go with Station Access or some intermediate pricing plans. I figure that if something like that ever shows up, it will be a long time coming.

    Gaff (who left EQ2 for WoW (again) and then came back during the time I have been playing) can take care of your armor crafting needs.

    So back soon! Really!


  5. Gaff

    How dare you use truth and my own past to justify your reasonable decisions!

    I only left because I have the attention span of a fruit fly!


  6. Kilanna

    I am glad you are not completely done with EQII, and do hope you enjoy your “cebatical” playing LOTRO.

    I will miss your EQ commentary but am sure that there will still be plenty of MMORG goodnees to discuss.


  7. cyanbane

    As am I. Kezkelia on Brandywine (LOTRO) is getting much more play time than Kezkelia on Nagafen (EQ2). The new-ness and glimmer may fade in a few weeks, but I am having a lot of fun right now in lotro. EQ2 seems to be in a small lull right now anyways.


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