April In Review

The Site

Another month has gone by and I am still here.

I did manage to make it through a full six months posting something new every single day.  I was going to start taking weekends off after I hit that point, but then I ended up with a log jam of topics I suddenly wanted to write about.  In fact, I got far enough ahead that I started posting comments on other sites that I normally would have turned into blog posts. (A number of my posts, usually the ones that start off referencing a post on another site, began their lives as comments that grew in the typing.)

Now that I have worked off a bit of the backlog, I will probably start posting only on week days.

And why only weekdays?  My informal study of traffic on the site indicates that people are less likely to read MMO gaming blogs on the weekend.  We all prefer to do that at work I imagine.  I know I do.  Anyway, look at my data.  The chart below shows the last 30 days of page views for The Ancient Gaming Noob.  The bottom of every valley?  Almost always a weekend.  I guess we do have lives.


I also added a minor new feature.  Along with the links on the right side of the page, there is the option now to bring up a random blog post from the site.  I am sure this is something you have all been waiting for.

New Linking Sites

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Best Search Terms of the Month

burning crusade collector’s edition hair

(Does it come with hair, or does it do something to your own?)

find out if you are of Elven descent

(A disappointed nerd out there somewhere)

Deleted Comment of the Month

Several, from strangers, asking me for my LOTRO buddy key.

EverQuest II

I did not do much when it came to levels, only getting up to 53, but I am now the master of Nektropos Castle.  I have now done 11 heritage quests and have nothing yet on which to spend my status points.

With the expiration of my Station Access account, I am on a bit of a hiatus from EQ2.  I am sure I will be back to it some time soon.  There is still so much of Norrath to see and experience.

Lord of the Rings Online

The new game.  I successfully avoided playing the beta enough that Middle Earth is still new to me.  And big.  At least it feels big.  In exploring the world it does seem like a sizable place, but that may also be a result of its newness.  I remember Antonica feeling immense in the first month of EQ2.

Our weekly WoW instance group has moved to LOTRO for the time being, as Potshot has detailed.  We are learning the land, learning our skills, and learning how to work as a group again.  With all of this newness comes enthusiasm.  I’m having fun just exploring the world.

World of WarCraft

With the rise in time spent playing LOTRO, other games are declining in play time.  While my paladin has managed to get up to level 48, he will be probably sitting there for some time to come.


I own a copy of it now.  It was $29.99.  I think if I held out for a while longer I could have paid less.  I bought it too late to get a “founders” title in game however.  Too bad.  The game itself is still in the shrink wrap on my desk, but I will us the fact that I own the to pretend I have a vested interest, thus giving me free reign to comment on the ongoing “Saga of Sigil.”


I have been playing some, though my daughter gets far more time on the Wii than I do.  She only plays when I am around, but when I turn the game on, she hogs the controller.  I have to get some two player games.

Coming Up

No doubt I will have more to say about LOTRO.  Also, I actually have a small backlog of things about EQ2 to write, so it will be as if I am actually playing the game still.  I am also wondering if there is something more, something beyond the ordinary I can do with Brad’s latest post.

3 thoughts on “April In Review

  1. Bildo

    I know I for one, rarely ever make a post or do Blog reading on the weekends… too busy playing instead of working I suppose. :)

    And once again, mucho gracias para el linko a me… site… o. Or something.

    As for the longer post on Brad and his antics… I eagerly await it!


  2. dmosbon

    How are you finding the ‘random post’ widget?

    Have been finding strange posts poping up on my blog as being read & sometimes the same ‘random’ is read more than once on the same day. Have you experimented with it yourself?


  3. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    I haven’t noticed anything odd with the ‘random post’ widget yet.

    I’ve clicked it myself enough times and not seen anything odd, but things behave differently when I am logged in as the blog admin. I’ll try it from another cpu.


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