Daily Archives: May 2, 2007

Where Is Human Lore & Legend?

When I am fighting a human mob, or a mob that is one of the other races that are playable, I often wish I had a master strike that would work on them. 

Blintz has the skill “Walk the Plank” that lets him spin any mob he is fighting 180 degrees momentarily so he can get in a nice backstab attack.  Since the swashbuckler master strike is both a back stab and his most powerful attack, I like to get that attack in there whenever I can.

Alas, there is no master strike for humans, elves, gnomes, and the rest. 

There is a master strike for fairies however.  And since the difference between fae, one of the playable races, and faeries is opaque to me, I have two questions.

On a PvP server, when you finish Fairy Lore & Legend, does the master strike work on fae player characters?

If you can master strike a fae player, when am I going to get my master strike for all of the other playable classes?

Heck, even if you cannot master strike a fae, I still want those Lore & Legend quests.