Where Is Human Lore & Legend?

When I am fighting a human mob, or a mob that is one of the other races that are playable, I often wish I had a master strike that would work on them. 

Blintz has the skill “Walk the Plank” that lets him spin any mob he is fighting 180 degrees momentarily so he can get in a nice backstab attack.  Since the swashbuckler master strike is both a back stab and his most powerful attack, I like to get that attack in there whenever I can.

Alas, there is no master strike for humans, elves, gnomes, and the rest. 

There is a master strike for fairies however.  And since the difference between fae, one of the playable races, and faeries is opaque to me, I have two questions.

On a PvP server, when you finish Fairy Lore & Legend, does the master strike work on fae player characters?

If you can master strike a fae player, when am I going to get my master strike for all of the other playable classes?

Heck, even if you cannot master strike a fae, I still want those Lore & Legend quests.

6 thoughts on “Where Is Human Lore & Legend?

  1. Ogrebears

    I’m pretty sure that Fae and Fairies are different. While they might be similar there different.

    It kinda like Trout and lets say angelfish… There both fish but there different type of fish (can’t interbreed).


  2. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    I still would like to hear if anybody has tried it and can say definitively yes it works or no it does not.

    On the other hand, your simile brings up a great “trout humping an angelfish” mental image!

    The most bothersome part about is that there is probably a web site out there that caters to just that kink. Furthermore, it is probably openly hostile to a competing site about salmon humping angelfish, because that is just sick.


  3. run run as fast as you can cant catch me im the gingerbread man!

    doesnt work and i dont see how BOTH of them are sick men…ogre was just making a good medifore..i know thats spelled wrong… and yea i tried it lol


  4. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    First, it was a simile, not a metaphor, second, it was a joke. lolz.

    I am glad to find out about the fae/fairie backstab thing.

    I still want gnome Lore & Legend though. And all the rest. Maybe those “History of the…” book quests could give you that.


  5. Kesselia

    Lore and Legend are my favorite quests to do….and the easiest AA and Xp gotten imo. I know Ogre and Wil…these two were just having a good laugh….it’s just a video game for goodness sake…and making a metaphor to explain something is OK. They aren’t sick…they’re both funny as hell and I like it that way. hmmph. Sounds like yet another person who takes what is written in these blogging sites to seriously imo. Lighten up, get a life and learn to laugh like the rest of us. *hugs Wil and Ogre* Keep up the good work guys!


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