The Glass of Aglaral

When you buy the Special Edition of the The Lord of the Rings Online™ – Shadows of Angmar™, among the things that purport to make it special is an in-game item called The Glass of Aglaral.

And I suppose that it is a bit special.  Here it is.


Adding one to Hope sounds like a pretty good thing!  More hope is better, right?

Only, my characters do not have a stat called Hope.

So I wrote down all my stats, activated the Glass of Aglaral, then wrote them all down again to compare.

The net effect, 7 hit points… erm, 7 morale points I mean.  No hit points for us in LOTRO.

Anyway, a boost of 7 for my level 12 Guardian.

Not a lot, but at lower levels that might be worth something.  Except there is another catch.


The effect only lasts for 5 minutes.  A 5 minute, 7 hit point boost once every 2 hours.

While I understand that they do not want to give out anything that is game unbalancing to people who happen to spend an extra ten dollars, but this is a pretty low budget item.  The pre-order items were much better than that. 

And I cannot even sell it for some decent silver.  I am a bit short in the cash department.  I had about 50 silver last night, then I trained my level 9 through 12 skills, trained the spear skill because I picked up a great spear, and then repaired all my armor.  Suddenly I had about 4 silver.

Not much hope in that!

5 thoughts on “The Glass of Aglaral

  1. Deck

    Agreed, the G of A is useless as an everyday questing aid. But, I think it might come in handy in a couple of specific situations…

    1) Recovering some of your max HP, uh, morale after a defeat. I think the “Hope” is intended to counteract the “Dread” (i.e. loss of max morale for a few minutes) you suffer after a beat-down.
    2) Sometimes when adventuring in a particularly bad part of the world (the Great Barrow comes to mind) the evil influence of that locale will automatically impart Dread on our usually brave heroes. The Glass could be used then to recover some of that lost morale.


  2. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    I guess I could see it for the dread effect. That is actually what they point out in the press release, which I went back and linked into the post above. I just wonder how much 7 morale is going to count in, say, the pool of nearly 300 that my level 12 Dwarf Guardian possesses. Something is always better than nothing, but I am not sure I will be reserving a spot on my main hot bar for the glass.


  3. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    Very cool link there that goes into the whole “dread” system. Thanks Ethic!

    So it actually affects your “mood,” an attribute related to your situation and that has a -10 to +10 scale. The higher up the scale, the higher your morale and the other items listed, the lower down, the lower those things. +1 Hope is, essentially, +1 mood, if I read things right.

    Since Mood is one of the attributes shown on the LCD of my G15 Keyboard, I’ll have to go back and experiment with that.


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