Daily Archives: May 6, 2007

Chasing Rainbows in the Shire

Just a goofy picture I grabbed in the Shire tonight.  My guardian, Nomu, who appears to be set to find out what is at the end of a rainbow.

Pot o' gold, here I come!

Whatever is at the end of the rainbow, it seems to be guarded by a large black bear.

Tourist Photos from Middle Earth

A lot has been written about Vanguard, its beautiful vistas, and the ability to see things off in the distance.

In that regard though, Lord of the Rings Online is no slouch.  I have been the “print screen button” wielding tourist during my travels and have captured several very nice pictures of Middle Earth.  They are in JPEG format, but they are 1600×1200, so your browser may try to resize them, which always reduces the quality.

In the hills east of Gondamon, an example of being able to see things in the distance that you can, in fact, get to.


Entering the Shire from the west you face some swampy land.  Still, it is green and lush.


The famed party tree in Hobbiton, just below Bag End.  I cannot tell if they are setting up for a part or cleaning up after one.


A shot from the Buckland side of the ferry at the river.  The hobbits at either end tell you that it is currently out of service as there was some mischief the night before.  I wonder who was involved with that?


I just wish I could figure out how to configure LOTRO to take screen shots in a raw format, as you can do in World of Warcraft and EverQuest II.  The compression level they use really takes the edge off of screen shots in my opinion.

[Addendum: You can find a comparison of graphic settings in LOTRO here.]