Daily Archives: May 7, 2007

Going Epic in Middle Earth

Last week our scoutmaster, who is also the author of the blog pΘtshΘt, started looking into the epic story line quests in Lord of the Rings Online.  Those are the quests that lead you along through the story of the War of the Ring and assign you and your group a part in it.  These quests are the central focus of the game and, as has been speculated elsewhere, may make LOTRO different that other MMOs, as you may be able to “win” the game in the end by following this quest line to its end.

Up until this point we have just been exploring, doing quests as we find them, and generally getting our bearings in the game.  This weekend we started on the first steps of the epic quest.

Epic, because of my MMO background, seems to imply a raid-sized commitment to finishing them.  And, in the end, it may very well require that, but up until this point we have gotten by with a fellowship sized group.

Fellowships are, of course, what they call groups in LOTRO.  (Is anybody working on the MMO Rosetta Stone yet?)

Our Kinship (LOTRO Guild) includes the following characters who make up our reconstituted WoW instance night group, minus Earl the Cat, who is still stuck in Gotham City.

Dengo – 13 Hobbit Burglar (Skronk)
Bilba – 13 Hobbit Mistral  (Ula)
Nomu  – 12 Dwarf Guardian (me, familiar name)
Shooty – 11 Elf Hunter (Bungholio)

Each of the races has their own lead in to the story lines, each of which has a step or two that require a fellowship.  Friday night Dengo and Bilba did the Hobbit versions of the quests.  Saturday night it was time to get Nomu and Shooty up to the same point.

Fortunately, after a few segments, the elf and dwarf quests merge and we were able to do one run through a series of instances to get us to the unifying point of all of the race specific quests.  One man, and one man alone brings us together.

That man is…


Barliman Butterbur!

Of course, he knows where Strider is, and that starts us on book one, chapter one of the epic quest.