Five Podcasts To Listen To Again

The one thing that has scared me away from trying to do a podcast, after we discount the time commitment, the technical know-how, the equipment, how my voice sounds when recorded, the fact that I mumble most everything I say, that I speak too fast, that I laugh a little too loudly at my own so-called wit, that I say “ummm,” “hmmm,” and “oh” with every sentence, that I have no attention span and am easily side tracked, that I have a problem taking things seriously, that I am a constant stream of obscure, ancient, inane, and often inaccurate or incorrect cultural references, and that I really could not come up with a format or content that would add anything to the current MMO podcasting ecosystem… once we set that trivia aside, I worry that when you do a podcast, people listen to it once and then never again.

All that work, all those hurdles to overcome, and then, one listen and your audience, if you are lucky, comes back with, “Very good! What’s next?”

Brent at VirginWorlds a couple of podcasts back paid a high compliment to another podcast (the name of which I have forgotten, which brings up another item, that you cannot Google through podcast content) by saying that he listened to an episode twice.  That is something, by his own admission, that he never does.

Well, frankly, that depresses me, not so much for my own sake as for the fact that there is a lot of good material that goes out in podcast form.  But unlike a show such as “This American Life,” you cannot do reruns when you take a week off.  Most of the materiel is topical.  It is like the news, and you cannot rerun the news.

Okay, CNN and Fox rerun the same stories constantly all day long, but the usually cannot get away with running last months news or weather.  Like the weather report, most gaming podcasts have an expiration date.

So I set out to pick five podcasts that are worth listening to a second time.  The ones I have picked below I have listened to more than once.  They have content that is worth hearing again.

1. VirginWorlds #22 – Special Mid-week DDO Dungeon Experience episode –  Brent, Brenden, Albie, and Kim discuss Dungeons and Dragons Online and decide whether DDO really offers the ultimate dungeon crawl experience.  A difficult choice for me, as other possible candidates, The Auto Assault review in show #13 or the Top Ten MMOs, shows #34 and #36, were strong contenders.  I wanted to limit it to one entry per podcast however, and #22 is the one.

2. GFW Radio – 11/10/2006 Jeff vs. Jeff bonus podcast –   GFW Magazine editor-in-chief Jeff Green talks with Sigil co-founder and EverQuest co-creator Jeff Butler.  The Vanguard stuff will make you snort in retrospect, but a lot of the general talk is worth another listen.

3. Fear the Boot Episode 27 The RPG Movie Episode:  The FTB team, with a special guest Tony from Fanboy Smackdown, first review the two Dungeon and Dragons movies, then talk about RPG movies in general.

4. WoW Podcast #7  The Roundtable Discussion Episode –  Features special guests Brent of VirginWorlds, Brenden of FalconTwin, and Ryan of Massively Online Gamer.  Starts off mild, but then gets into gold buying and gold sellers.  This episode resulted in a complete host change over for WoW Podcast.

5. Massively Online Gamer  um… a sign of age… I forgot to write down the episode I really wanted, so I am falling back to Episode 33, the 2006 Austin Games Conference video podcast episode.  I guess that is really one to see again rather than listen to again, plus you’ll have to find it on their site or on iTunes yourself, as I cannot find a direct link.

Bonus – Not a podcast, but the Jason Scott presentation, The Great Failure of Wikipedia, is a fun listen.  More down on the pretentions of Wikipedia and the flaws in the current system than the basic concept, Jason Scott has some very amusing tales of the free encyclopedia that anyone can edit.

Those are my picks.  If you have any you would like to recommend, please leave a comment!

3 thoughts on “Five Podcasts To Listen To Again

  1. Ethic

    “Brent at VirginWorlds a couple of podcasts back paid a high compliment to another podcast (the name of which I have forgotten…”

    It was a Yivvits & MrBubble podcast when they had some clips of Brenlo and it was very funny. Y&MrB is one of my favorite podcasts.


  2. Tony


    This is Tony from the Fanboy Smackdown podcast. Thank you so much for the mention and the praise here. I’m a big podcast listener and to know that you’ve listened to that podcast multiple times is something to really be proud of. I’ll make sure I mention it to the FtB guys also. We had a lot of fun that night and parts of that evening have become the stuff of legend. MONKEY STAFF!!!

    Thanks again.


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