Daily Archives: May 10, 2007

Notable Middle Earth NPCs, vol. I

I realize that I have only been playing Lord of the Rings Online for a short time, but I have already become fond of certain NPCs, or non-player characters.  I thought it might be nice to share my new, non-player friends with my readers.

First on the list, and feeling a bit down, is an elf.  Where I grew up, this guy would be called a wino or the town drunk, but in Celondim, the elves just call him the Wine Enthusiast.


If you can spare some change, he’d appreciate it.  The sorrow of the eldar is unending, so help him ease the pain if you can.

An unsung hero in Thorin’s Hall, he is often overlooked.  But when you need a last name or want to spruce up your family tree, he’ll be there for you.  It’s Warr the Notary!


He will need to see a picture ID.  And please, despite his name, wipe your ink-stained fingers on the tissues provided.

And finally, my current top dog in the NPC race, straight from the noob instance version of Archet, I give you The Refugee!


You’ll never get him over a barrel, but under one is a different story.  Save your Tom Petty references for the comments section please.