Daily Archives: May 13, 2007

Back in Norrath and 54

A sick day at home last week gave me some time to get back into EverQuest II.  I went all of two weeks without it.

I managed to grind myself up to 54, though with the announcement of Rise of Kunark expansion, it looks like I need to get into the mid-60’s by November if I want to play some of the new content.  Currently I am running around Lesser Faydark running the quest chains in there.


I will say that after two weeks of only playing Lord of the Rings Online it was nice to change up and play EQ2 again.  Rob Pardo went on at one point at AGC last year about going after minor mechanics like cursor movement in games, which I was reminded of while running around in Lesser Fay. 

LOTRO’s interface does not feel like it has the same level of polish when it comes to responsiveness as either WoW or EQ2.  I do not have a tangible measurement to prove this, but all the clicking, targeting, selecting, and what not seems to be much smoother in EQ2.