Daily Archives: May 14, 2007

Firing Squad Looks at SOE

Firing Squad has an article up about Sony Online Entertainment based on a press event held at Sony’s New York headquarters last week.

While light on concrete details, it is a good overview of upcoming products from SOE and what each of the different SOE studios work on.

You can find it here.

LOTRO: Farmer’s Market

And so it begins…

I was on LOTRO this morning.  It wasn’t my turn for the shower yet, so I logged in to do a bit of trade skilling and the usual maintenance, like putting stuff in the bank, selling off items from my bag, and generally getting my characters in shape so they can go forth an adventure on a moments notice.

While I was on, I got a tell.

Need gold? 10 gold for $20.78! <web address>

I peeked at the web sites of the major gold sellers… you know who I mean… and sure enough, gold was available.

The RMT economy is in full swing for LOTRO now, and it is the glory time for gold sellers.  Supplies are low, prices are high, and demand is probably there because almost everybody in game is scrimping and saving to keep themselves going.

At least it will be interesting to see how Turbine takes on this issue compared to Blizzard and SOE.