LOTRO – 50 Spotting

Last night I spotted my first level 50 player in game.


Uh… nice name I guess.  Well, it is the sort of name I might expect from somebody who is already level 50. 

Not the first level 50 in the game.  I am sure there are a number of them by now.  This is just the first one I have seen. 

He doesn’t seem to have as many hit points as a Nazgul.

So what do you do when you are level 50?  What is the end-game, if any?  Or did he manage to “finish” the game before his free 30 days, so he can quit now without even paying a monthly fee?

9 thoughts on “LOTRO – 50 Spotting

  1. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    Well, yes. It is just not clear to me if there is significant “end game” content like raiding in LOTRO at this point, though it would not surprise me if there was.


  2. dmosbon

    If all there is to do at level 50 is to grind out on raids then I will be sorely dissapointed!


  3. Kilanna

    I supposed everybody has a different expectation and wants different things from the game. Just personally the rush to 50 would feel like to me like you miss out on so much of the detail of the game and seems like a shame. I persnally feel this applies to any MMO.

    Maybe they are wanting to race to 50 with their main and will take a lot more time to enjoy leveling an alt? It would be interesting to know if there is any content to keep people subsribing once they have reached level cap.


  4. Melmoth

    So what do you do when you are level 50?

    General consensus seems to be that you stand around in one of the more populous towns and pretend that you’re a superstar.

    Common sense, however, would dictate that you go outside and try not to be fearful of the big glowing ball of fire in the sky; it won’t hurt you unless you’ve been locked in your parents’ basement for so long that sunlight has become apotropaic to you.

    Well, yes. It is just not clear to me if there is significant “end game” content like raiding in LOTRO at this point,

    Monster Play is there, for those who like the PvP aspect, and what with monsters starting at level fifty right off the bat, I guess that there is some decent competition to be had for the speed levellers already.

    “Wow, level fifty in four weeks? Nice. It took me four and half seconds to create my level fifty monster, and it will give me only the slightest of pleasure to now beat the snot out of your main”.


  5. Bildo

    The 1st raid is forthcoming in June’s content update, along with tons of 30+ content in Evendim.

    My guess is he’ll do the Evendim content and raid.

    End-game at this point, much like WoW in it’s early stages, is absent. There’s no real point to Monster Play aside from the fun it is (gear and the like is supposed to be forthcoming soon, as well as acheivable monster types for Monster players), there will only be 1 raid for a bit, 1 or 2 small group instances… so yeah, no rush for me to get to the “end” right now. I’ll take my time thankee. :)


  6. Trelon

    Keep in mind some of these people played in both open and closed beta, and may know the world/quests backwards & forwards. So for them, they have already seen the content, and know where to go, what to do – to get to that level 50.

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