Daily Archives: May 24, 2007

Arasai Google Query

Something is wrong with the universe when, if you Google just the word “Arasai,” the top item returned is my Rejected Arasai Character Model blog entry.

I noticed this morning that, despite writing nothing of linkable note over the last week or so, traffic to the site was holding somewhat steady.  Usually traffic falls off drastically if I have nothing recent linked on either VirginWorlds or EQ2 Daily.

So I looked further into the stats and saw that, while site referrals were down, search engine traffic was way up, and one word was at the top of the list:


I went and Googled the word and saw TAGN there at the top.  Strange days.

On the other hand, things are more sane at Yahoo!, where I do not show up for a few pages.

Anyway, if you came here via Google.com looking for a real Arasai screen shot, you would probably be better served going here.

A Little More Station Access Content

SOE has announced two new items available to Station Access subscribers.

Subscribers now have access to the Stargate Online Trading Card Game and the Star Chamber Online Trading Card Game including a free starter pack of cards.  SOE previously added Pirates Constructible Strategy Game to Station Access with a similar offer of two free card decks.

There is not much draw here for me, personally, not being much on the collectible card games, but it could tip the balance for some. (I have never actually played one of those card games, so I haven’t a clue on them.)

The Station Access page details all the extras you get and games to which you get access.