Daily Archives: May 25, 2007

Get All The EverQuest Expansions For Free

Now wasn’t that a provocative headline?

So it obviously isn’t completely true, but it isn’t far from the truth.

Fry’s has EverQuest – The Anniversary Edition on sale for $14.99 at the moment, so I bought a copy.


The Anniversary Edition includes all of the expansions, including The Buried Sea, and 30 days of play time.  Since one month of EQ costs $14.99, this makes the price of the game and the expansions negligible.

Sales tax, the fact that you can pay less for a month of EQ, and that the sale price is limited means the expansions are free only under the right set of circumstances.  Still, even at the regular price of $19.99, it is a deal.

The one thing it does not include is a DVD.  The install is 8 CDs.

I currently own 8 of the 13 expansion and a quick look at the Station Store shows that to buy these missing expansions one at a time would run me in the neighborhood of $90.  Just to get the latest expansion, The Buried Sea, will run you $29.99. (But the Anniversary Edition, listed a few lines later is only $19.99. No digital download however.  You’ll take all 8 CDs and like it!)

Of course, not everybody has a Fry’s close by (and Frys.com does not offer the same deal), but even at Amazon.com the Anniversary Edition is $17.99.  Just avoid the combo package they will offer you.


It says “Better Together” but it should say “Redundant Together.”

Earlier in the month, Gaff was talking about going back for another nostalgia run in EQ.  A package like this might seal the deal.