Allakhazam’s Okay Again?

Once upon a time, far back in MMO history, at the dawn of EverQuest, there was a web site… THE web site… to visit for information about the game.  That was Allakhazam’s Magical Realm.

Truly, there was a time when it was the be-all end-all of EverQuest sites.  It certainly was for my time in EverQuest.

Then I went on MMO hiatus for a few major life events.  Marriage, house, parenthood, all those adult things I suddenly found myself faced with.

I came back to MMOs to play EverQuest II.  Of course, the first place I looked for a information site was Allakhazam’s

At the time, Allakhazam’s was not the place to be for EQ2 information.  It was light on content, outdated in format, bristling with pop-up ads, and, as I was to learn, tainted.  You see, while I was away, it had been bought by gold sellers.

The place to be for EQ2 was OGaming’s site.  It’s design was easier on the eye and its content was vast and handily searched.

Then those pesky gold sellers, went and bought OGaming.  Or something.  Damn them!

OGaming’s vast content was folded into Allakhazam’s slightly spiffed up, but still rather outdated format, and there was much grumbling.

Last month, Affinity Media, the company that owned both Allakhazam’s and the gold selling site, sold the gold sellers.

And then, in what I took as a sign that the taint had been officially removed (along with the pop-up ads), SOE used Allakhazam’s to officially announce the upcoming EverQuest II expansion, The Rise of Kunark

That seemed like quite an endorsement of the site.

So is it okay to, you know, publicly admit you actually use Allakhazam’s again?

8 thoughts on “Allakhazam’s Okay Again?

  1. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    Heh, yes, the quandary is that I can only actually spell “Allakhazam” correctly by going to the site. Fortunately, still redirects to Allakhazam.
    Now, is a gold seller seller as bad, better, or worse than a gold seller?


  2. Alex

    Definetely is an awesome website for information, and growing everyday. It could use a little updating and more information, but it’s mostly awesome!


  3. Stargrace is my site of choice as well — they do have ads, but you also have an option to donate and support their site, ad free. The site is only as good as the community though, since it’s a wiki based site. I stopped using alla when ogaming came out, and stopping using ogaming when they were bought up by alla. The bright teal colour scheme and text looked like it was made by a 5 year old.


  4. Fred is also my site of choice. My favorite thing about EQ2i is there solo quest timeline. It is great to level a character using the solo timeline.

    I don’t mind the adds. Why do people care if a website wants to make some money? I am ok with that. Just don’t hurt the readability or usability of the site with the ads.


  5. NapFloridian

    What Bothers me is that is down most of the time… which is not a nice thing if you and your group need a info real fast on a quest update. Alalacascmdaszam ala is mighty… was bad when I played SWG, that is now 4 years … I played 3 and still alakamashi (or whatever) is a site I would not go. Ogamaing was awesome but well as many of you said … its gone. So we have to move on … Good luck with that… lets hope eq2i can hold the quality and information flow in the future


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