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May In Review

The Site

Another month goes by and goofy things continue to drive traffic here.  This month it was my post “Rejected Arasai Character Model” that seemed to bring people this way, as it somehow managed to become the #1 returned article for the search term “arasai”on Google.

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Best Search Terms of the Month

raph koster swg failed blog

(I am the #2 result on Google for that term… who knows why.)

here I am Lord

(And that brought you here, which is certainly evidence for the whole “mysterious ways” thing.)

EVE Online

No, I have not started playing it again, but I was certainly tempted by Van Hemlock’s write ups about his adventures in game over the last few weeks.  Of course, they also point out one of the aspects of EVE, in that it simulates life a little too well.  There can be hours and hours of tedium interspersed with moments of terror and excitement.  If the game interests you, give these a read.


I now own the Anniversary Edition of EverQuest, which gets me all of the expansions up to and including “The Buried Sea.”  At $19.99 SRP, it is the deal of the year if you want to catch up on you EQ expansions.

When will I use the 30 days of play that comes with the expansion?  I am not sure yet, but you know I will end up writing about it.  Maybe I will finally get my Drakkin shadow knight to level 20.

EverQuest II

I was back in Norrath in May after a short break and got Blintz up to level 55.  Still, I am in something of a slump in game.  I am a very quest driven player, and the pool of quests available that are at least green to me that I can manage is currently pretty small, so if I get stuck on one thing, I have no alternative paths.

Of course, this may be because I am now far beyond my previous level cap in game, so I do not already know where to find quests.  Still, I have been grinding along some and have even poked my nose into the Kingdom of the Sky.

Lord of the Rings Online

Three alts and no main!  Or Three mains.  Or maybe a main, a main alt, and a secondary alt.  Anyway, I seem to be intent on pushing three characters through the game simultaneously, which partially explains why my highest level character is only 19.

The game is still fun and interesting to me.  Our regular instance group has been running through the Barrow Downs.  While we have run some of our alts through the Epic quest line, our main, committed to the group characters have no progressed further down that path.  We still have to get together and talk to Tom Bombadil in the Old Forest.


I didn’t play, but it certainly provided a lot of grist for the blogging mill.  There has been so much attention paid to the SOE buyout of Vanguard, the way Sigil employees were treated, and the whereabouts of Brad McQuaid on the day in question and the previous three to eighteen months that I have not read much about what has actually been happening with the game.

World of Warcraft

I have only poked my nose in game a couple of times over the last month.  Of course the latest major patch update required an update to all Add Ons, which is par for the course.  My account actually lapses in a few days and I probably will not renew it until our instance group decides to pick up again in WoW.


My daughter can now officially kick my butt in all of the games in Wii Sports.  She has a lot of fun playing and really gets a workout.  We had family over last weekend and she got my wife’s mother, aunt, and uncle playing.  My mother-in-law is surprisingly good at Wii Tennis.  I still hold the edge in most of Wii Play and SSX Blur.  I brought home Mario Party 8 last night, so I suspect I will be playing a lot of that with my daughter this weekend.


LOTRO and EQ2 will likely remain my games of choice for June.  I am not up for any betas and my time will be somewhat short.  Restructuring at work has left me in charge of a larger group and many more projects.  In addition I will have to do some travel for work, primarily to our office in Dallas.  Any readers around Richardson?