Daily Archives: June 4, 2007

500 Quests

Shortly after hitting level 55, Blintz completed his 500th quest. I thought I would go through and see where I spent my time questing.

Greater Faydark was #1, with 64 quests. Since that is where a fae starts and quests through level 20, it seems natural that there should be a lot of completed quests there.

Collections were in second place, which was a bit of a surprise. I have not been buying out collections with Blintz like I have done with some other characters.

Zek, where I really tried to finish all the quests I could, was in third place, followed by city tasks. I try to do all of the city writs at least once.

The big disappointment, I suppose, is Feerrott. I was so wrapped up with quests in other zones that most Feerrott quests went grey before I got a chance to do them.

Here are the locations and/or types for Blintz’s first 500 quests.

Greater Faydark 64
Collections 51
Zek 47
City Tasks 45
Steamfont 38
Sinking Sands 28
Butcherblock 26
Nektulos Forest 26
Antonica 19
Thundering Steppes 19
Lesser Faydark 18
Enchanted Lands 17
Lore and Legend 16
Heritage 11
Misc 9
Language 9
Kelethin 9
Feerrott 8
Tenebrous Tangle 5
Nektropos Castle 4
Maj’Dul 3
Village of Shin 3
World Event 2
Signature 2
Hallmark 2
Deity 2
Commonlands 2
Everfrost 2
Qeynos Harbor 2
Ruins of Varsoon 2
City Tradeskill 1
Azhar’s Penitence 1
Blackburrow 1
Fallen Gate 1
Graystone Yard 1
Stormhold 1
Splitpaw 1