Daily Archives: June 5, 2007

Level 56

I was in the middle of a battle and missed grabbing the screen shot for 56.

55 to 56 took place mostly in the Pillars of Flame in DoF.

I first stared off in the Kingdom of the Sky to pick up some cheap location discovery experience and to buy some recipe books for my weapon smith. I’ve got to get her up to level 68 before Blintz hits 62.

That done, I ran off to Steamfont to grind harpies for the Lore and Legend quest. While the unlootable items came up fast enough, the drops for the quest were rare. Very rare. So rare as to be non-existent after an hour of killing.

For some reason, I wanted to get Harpy Master Strike before I ran off to PoF. After my fruitless venture into Steamfont though, I decided to go to the source and grabbed a carpet for the Sinking Sands. I couldn’t remember if there were any non-heroic harpies, but I figured I would find out.

Upon arriving in the desert I briefly considered Beetle Herding – Act VI, then decided I was not *that* desperate yet.

I ran around to the Ashen Order end of DoF where I knew harpies were abundant and went looking for prey.

It turns out that there are plenty of solo level 55 and 56 groups of harpies on which to prey. The drops were slow, but at least I got some drops. By the time I got the last one I was just past half way through the level.

I was about done for the night, but decided to recall back to Kelethin to see if I could buy out a few collection quests to get closer to level.

I ended up spending about 2 plat on 10 quests. While they yielded quite a bit of AA, they only put my 20% further into the level, ending the night at 72%.

Still, 72% is pretty close to level.

I came back the next night and decided to run through some quests in PoF. I always thought they were a bit high level for me to attempt, but then I keep forgetting I am a bit higher level than I have ever been before. I did a few of the Ashen Order quests as well as a couple of quests for The Swiftriders. Between that and a big helping of location discovery experience I hit level 56 without too much pain.

After the euphoria of a level wears off and any new skills are trained up you realize you are back at the base of the mountain again looking up at another climb. But I have some more quests in PoF to finish as well as another round of Lesser Faydark quests to look into. As long as I have quests to pursue, levelling is not so bad.

(Posted from gate A-13 at DFW, so it is a good thing I do not have any pictures to put up. I couldn’t get on an earlier flight home, so I had time to write.)