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The Irontoes East Experiment

I have been toying with the idea of moving my home in EverQuest II for some time.  During the first year of playing EQ2 some of my friends moved to bigger locations, but I stayed put in the standard issue, single room abode that everybody gets by default.

For me there was no reason to move.  I am not a decorator, though I have put together a some pretty goofy furniture arrangements with some of my characters.  And, of course, the basic inn room is only 5 sp a week.  Before inn room storage slots, there was no reason to move.  After they were introduced, everybody got only two, from which you could sell, no matter how big a place you rented.

But now, after last years hiatus to WoW and return for Echoes of Faydwer, I find that there is a real reason to get a bigger place.  With a bigger place comes more broker slots.  Once I got myself into the swing of the new (to me) off-line selling mechanism and got Gaff to make me up two 32-slot salesman’s crates, I was good to go.  I quickly found that with a little effort I could keep those crates full and earning me a slow but decent income. 

When I got my three year anniversary rewards, I found that one of them was a 40-slot case that also reduced the brokerage fee.  Now I had three cases on hand, but two slots.  I thought about moving.  I could get past giving up the 5sp a week price for another brokerage slot, but moving is such a pain.

Or was such a pain.

Then came game update 35 and the automated moving feature.  You just go to the new place you want, accept it and relinquish your old place, and all of the stuff from your old room appears in a moving crate in the middle of the floor of your new home.  It could hardly be easier.

So I did a little bit of research and found the location that would give me an extra brokerage slot for the least price.  So here is my new home, Irontoes East in North Qeynos.

The place is very welcoming:

And the price is okay, even for a cheapskate like me:

Gaff has already built enough furniture for me with his carpenter that I have zeroed out the status requirement for the room, so it is just 58s, 46c a week. 

Now the one thing that worries me, the one thing that makes this an experiment, is how convenient the location turns out to be.  The one thing about the simple inn rooms in the racial suburbs is that they are all linked by the in-game bell and are easy to find.

North Qeynos, on the other hand, takes a bit or travel to get to.  For those that do not know the sewer route (the sewer grate comes up right by Irontoes East) it can be a bit of a jog to get to North Qeynos.

And even when you get to the building and find your way up the most constricting spiral staircase I have ever seen, any potential buyer has to then find the right door. (First one on the right when you look down the hall.)

Now most items get purchased through the broker, so location does not matter in that case.  But once in a while I have a big ticket item up for sale (I seem to be good at finding fat grubs for example) where saving the broker’s fee is worth the trip to somebody’s room.

So I will be watching my cash flow to see if the extra salesman’s crate of goods is worth the extra money and remote location.

Would You Take A Poll…

Using a WordPress.com hosted blog has a lot of benefits.  Mostly it keeps me from having to tinker with the site when I would rather be writing.  I can be an obsessive tinkerer, so this is a good thing.  Unless you do not like my writing.

However, once in a while I want to do something with this blog and I find that there is no easy answer.

Recently, I wanted to put up a survey.  That seems like an easy enough thing to do.  If you host a WordPress blog yourself, you know that there are all sorts of widgets for doing polls and surveys.

However, if you have a WordPress.com hosted blog, you find your options are pretty limited.  In fact, you have exactly one choice, LuckyPolls.  And you can only use the simplified version of their polling scheme because WordPress.com suppresses forms on their hosted blogs for security reasons.

So I figured I would take a readership poll to see if readership polls in this format are worth the effort or just annoying.  Feel free to follow up with any comments you have on this method, other alternatives you might know of, WordPress.com, or polls in general.

Would You Take Polls In This Format?

1) Yes, it seems easy enough!

2) No, what a pain!

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For any future polls I would probably set a time limit and then discuss the results in a separate, follow up post.