LOTRO Level 20

It seems silly, with so many characters and so many levels in other games, to be chirping about hitting level 20.  But that is one of the joys of a new game.  Milestones that will be trivial in a few months are meaningful the first time around. 

So here is Nomu, my dwarf guardian, who is also my first character to hit level 20.  He is adorned in Heavy Iron Armor of his own crafting, that spiked helm from the level 15 guardian class quest, and what is a huge shield relative to his stature.

Level 20 wasn’t a huge leap.  Guardians get heavy armor at 15, so I was already metal clad.  Last names used to be a level 20 reward back in the MUD days, but that is something else you get at level 15 in LOTRO. 

I did get short duration buff that improves my defense in desperate situations and the ability to mount a spike on my shield, making it all the better to smack orcs with. (And the shield smack animation is one of my favorites in combat.)

I bought my skills, repaired my armor, adjusted my traits, and still had a little cash left in my pocket.  Not much, but any surplus after basic needs is a good thing.

Our regular instance group got together last night and ran through a bunch of quests that got us all up to level 19 or 20.  We are ready to get back on the epic quest line again Saturday night.

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