Handcrafted at Higher Levels?

My weaponsmith just hit level 60.  I want to push her skill up to level 70 so she can make Blintz his tier 7 weapons and so that our guild will have a weaponsmith available.

One of the things about trade skills in EverQuest II, or about any MMO frankly, is that the higher your skill level the fewer customers you have for products that grant experience when you make them.  A lot more people make it to level 20 than to level 60, so there are a lot more people to buy, in my case, weapons that can be wielded by level 20 players.

The higher you go in levels, the smaller the customer base.

The competition thins out some as well, so sales do not dry up completely, but patience is required past tier 4 to sell a weapon.  At the same time, the amount of experience you get from each weapon you make decreases with each tier, so you are actually making more weapons while selling fewer.

So, of course, you sell some back to the vendor.  That at least returns the fuel cost for making an item to your pocket.  If you harvested the raw materials you can at least break even.

But now that my weaponsmith is level 60, I have to ask myself whether I bother putting weapons I make for experience up for sale on the broker.

Handcrafted weapons, that is.  Are they worth the bother of trying to sell?

Handcrafted is the term that applies to items produced via trade skills that are of normal or average stats.  They represent a good baseline of equipment.  You can usually get gear from drops or quests that will improve upon handcrafted gear, but a little work is require.  In the mean time, you might as well go the handcrafted route if you cannot afford better.

Better is mastercrafted.  Mastercrafted items are trade skill produced items made from rare raw materials which have superior stats. You usually have to kill a dungeon dwelling named mob or complete a heroic quest to end up with an item that might match the stats of a mastercrafted item.  And to beat those stats you had probably best take up raiding.

But back to selling handcrafted weapons at level 60. 

At level 20 not only are there more customers, but a large percentage of them will be satisfied with handcrafted weaponry.

But what about at level 60?  What percentage of people who actually make it to level 60 will also be in the market for a handcrafted weapon? 

I wonder if I should just sell my production back to the vendor immediately and save the slots in my salesman’s crates for items that will turn over faster.  I have, of course, already filled up the extra crate I was able to use, thanks to my move, with goods, so I am loathe to use those crate slots as long term storage for items that might not sell.

I know that when Blintz hits level 62, I will want only mastercrafted gear for him, weapons especially.  But he is a swashbuckler, so weapons are critical to him.

Would you buy handcrafted weapons a level 60?  Would you buy any handcrafted equipment?  How about apprentice skills?

Are level 60+ players so elite that only the best will do?  Or is there still a range of players who buy the mid-range gear?

6 thoughts on “Handcrafted at Higher Levels?

  1. Tipa

    First, skill up by doing tradeskill writs. You get cash, personal and guild status, and faction with the traders with which you can eventually buy cool status items.

    Second, there is always a market for handcrafted items at lower tiers. Don’t stop making tier 1-6 items just because you’re on tier 7. Make a wide variety of lower tier items, put them all on the broker, see what sells, and make more of that. It’s an excellent way of making money and the ROI is amazing. I did that with jewelcraft for awhile until someone drove up the price of raws on the broker past my point of profitability.


  2. Stargrace

    Personally, I’ve never bought a handcrafted item. There’s better quested T7 items then anything player made unfortunately. That’s just the way it works. I actually don’t buy any T7 mastercrafted either, there’s so many quests for legendary gear floating around. My jeweler gets the most business with her handcrafted items, seems to be a shortage of those items. My woodworker doesn’t get any work at all unless it’s arrows or totems. My tailor gets the odd cloak and doll request, but no gear. Some times a bandolier. My provisioner never gets hired for food or drink, but if I put it on the broker it sells like hotcakes. It just takes so dang long to craft that I do it for myself and guildies only.


  3. ogrebear

    There are a few tradeskill that you do get more customers are you get higher. Provisioner is one of them, and you can make money pretty nicely as well. The tier 7 5 hour drinks on my server sell for about 3 gold, each. You get 2 for a pristine combination. And the fuel cost for that is 1.2-2 gold i think. So your getting about 3-5 gold profit per combination.

    But that only if you havest the raws your self. And the Xegonbarry is the one that most important. you can spend an hour harvesting the food area in TT and only get 50-100 if you get it for your self for an hour, and it takes 3 or 4 to make per combination. If you have to share the TT area with someone else you amount of berries dramaticy falls


  4. anakh

    Yeah I certainly believe there’s not much demand for handcrafted items. In fact, even mastercrafted, while good, at level 70 are viewed as basically “something you use until you get a better instance or raid piece.” The only things I buy a lot of are poisons, sometimes potions, and repair kits. I wonder how the expansion will change this, it would be a great time for SOE to really step up and allow crafters to start delivering some excellent quality items in T8.


  5. lishian

    I only by handcrafted on a PVP server when I can’t get a mastercrafted for the slot. However, on a PVP server consumables sell like hotcakes. Potions, chow, totems and hand lotion.


  6. Kilanna

    Well being the tradeskill lover that I am (read OBSESSED) I have used up all my character slots to cover all the tradeskills. I dont buy much (except Kil’s latest Adept III spells)

    I could pollute your blog with masses of commentary about what I think of tradeskilling – but the short of my personal experiences has been that regular handcrafted gear just does not cut it. If you are doing a lot of solo questing in particular, I feel that you need mastercrafted armour at least, mastercrafted weaponry and adept III spells. I remember at lvl 52 when I upgraded Kilanna in this way it was stunning contrast. She could take on mobs 3 or 4 levels higher.

    I really also think it is dependant on what you want to do in game. I suspect you will probably get a very different answer from someone who wants to do instances/raiding or PvP as compared to those who want to do mostly solo/small group PvE.

    Kilanna has bought absolutely nothing except spells post lvl 59 because most of her gear has been quested or from loot drops while doing quests, just as Stargrace highlighted. However, some of my other girls who are out on their own may not have that luxury :)


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