Daily Archives: June 11, 2007

Notable Middle Earth NPCs, vol. II

Here in part two of notable NPCs, we look further afield to visit some of my favorite NPCs.

Our first favorite, the drunkard, is a fixture at the Prancing Pony in Bree.  He sits, passed out, at one end of the common room, doomed to remain the guy who was in the room but missed Mr. Underhill’s disappearing trick.

He really should think of moving to Celondim.  He could set up shop next to the passed out sailor as the “Ale Enthusiest.” (Nice moustache, btw.)

Then we move on to the Lone Lands where, in the Foresaken Inn, we find the Whittler.

He just sits there, honing that stick for a bit, then admiring it.  I don’t know if he is trying to make something or just passing the time.  I suspect that the staff at the inn leave him be because of the potential for a “Whittler’s mother” joke, and not merely because of the actual passing resembelence to James McNeill Whister.  No, they’re just really desperate for humor out there.  Gallagher would sell out the Foresaken Inn. (Nice… erm… same moustache, different color.  I wonder if they are related?)

Finally we have to travel back to the Barrow Downs to find our third NPC who we know affectionately as the Noxious Barrow-Wight of Pisa.

When I first noted the slanted tendencies of this undead minion of the dark lord, I thought perhaps it was a temporary condition.  I have seen him several times since though, always at about 45 degrees off of reality.

I cannot tell if this is meant to reflect that somewhere, deep within him, some tiny shred of the man he once was is desperately trying to reach through to us, the living, or that one of his legs is simply shorter than the other.  Either way, when this guy comes running at you full tilt… so to speak… it is a sight to behold.