Horned Leather Crisis

In trying to get my weapon smith up through tier 7 I face a number of challenges.  The first, which I mentioned previously, was what I should do with the items I produce.  Handcrafted, or normal stat, equipment is not in demand.  Fortunately, Tipa Tanglewood suggested trade skill writs, which was something of a “duh” moment for me.  That was how I got Nomu, my alchemist, to 60 way back when DoF released.  I can only guess that my desire to make the fewest items possible played into my thought process.  Writs rarely seem to require items at your current level.

So, with the output of my production accounted for in a way that at least generates a little bit of income plus some status (our little guild is within 8% of level 30 now, so status is good) I can now worry about my next problem.


Blintz, at level 56, is not able to harvest everything my weapon smith needs.  Each weapon I craft at tier 7 requires:

5 adamantine clusters
2 hanging roots
3 horned leather pelts
10 bit coal

Of course, the coal is available in the trade skill instance for 34s 56c a pop, so fuel cost is 3g 45s 60c.

Blintz can actually get to and harvest hanging roots pretty regularly, and even when he cannot, the market price runs about 1-2s per.

Adamantine clusters, at the least the ones I have found, spawn in areas that are a bit too dangerous for Blintz to harvest sufficient nodes to keep up with the production needs.  The market price for clusters runs around 1s though, so I can afford to buy rather than harvest.

Horned leather pelts on the other hand are not only located in places that Blintz cannot harvest safely, but the market price runs from 50s to 1g per hide.

Buying the three pelts can boost the price of production 40-80% per item.  Cheapskate that I am, I have to find a way around that.

Once in a while I see some pelts up on the broker for much less and I try to snap them up before the broker buy-bots grab them to resell.

Fortunately Gaff just sent me two stacks of horned leather pelts last night, which might just be enough to let Minama my weapon smith work her way to level 62.

At least her trade skill vitality will have time to recharge between production runs.

8 thoughts on “Horned Leather Crisis

  1. Lysari

    At level 52 I’m harvesting on Bonemire – the Drednever crash site. I get a ton of ore there, and at least a few pelts. There is a good chance of having to run for your life frequently and I’m thinking of putting my amour in the bank because I do die sometimes. But there’s a mender up there.

    Anyway, if you are light on your feet, you should be able to get your supplies right near the portal up.


  2. Gaff

    I am harvesting adamentine and horned pelts right now–little break between cub scout camp and T-ball. Will send you a bit again! I would like an ebony bow sometime in the near future don’t you know? :)


  3. Kilanna

    *sigh* I was having the same problems with T6 roots. All my girls need it and it feels painfully slow to get and no way I was paying broker prices for it.


  4. Spyte

    For T7 roots there is a nice little spot on the hill in TT, just beyond the tower by the river. It may be a little rough at level 56, but should be doable, and Blintz will get some nice XP killing the lizard things that hang out there. There are about 8-10 nodes up there, so there should be a fairly continuos run of nodes to harvest once you factor in killing the mobs.

    T6 roots though – ugh. Those are a huge pain.


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