Daily Archives: June 14, 2007

Vanguard Server Merge Plans Announced

Not all of the details have been worked out, but SOE has posted the Vanguard server merge plan up on Vanguard Players.  The current 13 servers will be reduced to 4 total.

Some of the key details are:

  • There will be 2 US PVE servers,
  • 1 EU PVE server
  • 1 US PVP server
  • All existing servers will go away and everyone will be moved to new servers
  • SOE will have a poll for the new naming the new servers
  • PVP players will be able to move to PVP OR PVE servers
  • PVE players will only be able to move to PVE servers
  • PVP rule set will be FFA

At some point prior to the consolidation, players will be able to log in with their characters and enter a slash command (/MOVESERVER) that will allow them to select the server on which they want that character to reside. 

Made Fae

I finished another bone quest, the dwarf bones, which means I have another silly picture to post.

With this I think we have a visualization of what a young Tony Soprano would look like, if he had been a fae.


“Woke up this morning… with a shattered moon in your eyes”