Daily Archives: June 18, 2007


The most popular blog on WordPress.com, I Can Has Cheesburger? is showing its influence far and wide.  Not only are some other bloggers enjoying the site, but today when I went over to FilePlanet I saw this ad:

Blizzard Downloader. Not Yours.

Those LOLCATS are everywhere!

(BTW, this one is my own favorite.)

Istarivoir Wargs

The Tolkien parody I am waiting for. 

The tale of Master White, Master Grey, Master Brown, Master Orange, and Master Pink. (Why am I Master Pink?)

They were brought together in Middle Earth for one job and now it has gone horribly wrong.

All they had to do was take care of one little ring.

Now the other side is on to them.  Riders garbed in black are on their trail.  Two of their own are missing.  If they do not act fast they will be cornered.  But how did things go so wrong?

Master Brown: You really think we were set up?
Master Grey: Do you even doubt it, friend? I don’t THINK we were set up, I KNOW we were set up!

Elrond and “Nice Guy” Aragon gave them some details about the ring, but they had to track it down on their own… only somebody is playing a double game.

Master Brown: I’m blind, man. I’m blind.
Master White: You are not blind!  Your damned tamed birds have discharged their bowels into your eyes again, you doddering old fool!  And look at my robe… and the end of my staff… I shall pay you back for this and all these other indignities some day… some day you shall see….

[In case I am being too obtuse, the answer is: Reservoir Dogs.]