Voice Software Poll

More tinkering with the polling service, but also a question in which I am interested.

Please feel free to add a comment about your choice.

What is the PRIMARY voice application you use with gaming?1) Roger Wilco

2) Skype

3) TeamSpeak

4) Vetrilo

5) Game Integrated

6) Other

7) I never use voice

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3 thoughts on “Voice Software Poll

  1. Brandon

    I’d say Ventrilo is the one I’ve used most often, and it has the best quality that I’ve come across, but with the onset of so many games integrating voice chat, I may be switching over and starting to use that more.


  2. Anakh

    I’ve found the voice software issue to be a strange one. It seems like different software is used in different games, and I have no idea why. I used to use Ventrilo a lot back when I was playing DAOC, as everyone did it. Then when I was playing WoW, virtually everyone in that game, across multiple servers, used TeamSpeak. Now I’m back to EQ2, and it’s Ventrilo again (which I certainly like the best.)


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