Daily Archives: June 22, 2007

Level 57

I managed to get out with the deadly Gaff/Lurk combo and bounce up to level 57 in the Sanctum of the Scaleborn.


Getting decent screen shots in the middle of interior hallway battles is something of a challenge, so no nice picture of the moment.

This was my first real venture into the Kingdom of the Sky beyond looking for tier 7 trade skill recipes, so I picked up a full point worth of AA experience as well.

Things might be a little quiet here for the next few days as I will be having my three remaining wisdom teeth extracted this morning.  The doc says that if I were 18, it would be a very low risk procedure.  Pity I’m no longer 18.  Still, it isn’t exactly life and death.

Anyway, a couple of days to recover and then a couple of days to catch up with everything else in life.