Daily Archives: June 23, 2007

The Music of EVE Online

One of the things I really liked about EVE Online was the music.  For me it was almost the perfect sound track for being alone in space riding among the stars.  I would sit it my office with the lights out and only the glow from my screen and my G15 keyboard… and the 900 other little LEDs aglow in my office… with the music turned up and glide through the stars feeling both alive and isolated.

I tend to pull any game music I can into iTunes just to listen to, but the EVE Online stuff actually made it onto my iPod.

Yesterday after I got back from the oral surgeon I sat around for a while just listening to some of the tracks from EVE Online.  Definitely interesting music for coming off your medication post-op. 

I tend to just listen without really paying attention to which track is running so picking out all of my favorites is somewhat tough.  Still, I know my favorite is “Below the Asteroids.” 

And, as far as song titles go, the theme of my blog should be “Opinions of the Misinformed.”  If I ever do a podcast, that will have to be the opening music.

CCP, the great crew that they are, has actually made the sound track available for download from their site.  You can find all the music here.