The Music of EVE Online

One of the things I really liked about EVE Online was the music.  For me it was almost the perfect sound track for being alone in space riding among the stars.  I would sit it my office with the lights out and only the glow from my screen and my G15 keyboard… and the 900 other little LEDs aglow in my office… with the music turned up and glide through the stars feeling both alive and isolated.

I tend to pull any game music I can into iTunes just to listen to, but the EVE Online stuff actually made it onto my iPod.

Yesterday after I got back from the oral surgeon I sat around for a while just listening to some of the tracks from EVE Online.  Definitely interesting music for coming off your medication post-op. 

I tend to just listen without really paying attention to which track is running so picking out all of my favorites is somewhat tough.  Still, I know my favorite is “Below the Asteroids.” 

And, as far as song titles go, the theme of my blog should be “Opinions of the Misinformed.”  If I ever do a podcast, that will have to be the opening music.

CCP, the great crew that they are, has actually made the sound track available for download from their site.  You can find all the music here.

10 thoughts on “The Music of EVE Online

  1. p@tsh@t

    The music in Eve is onw of the many great atmosphere enhancing features (along with the art). My spouse couldn’t get into the game, but loved when I was playing because of the music which I’d crank through the whole house…

    If you ever do a podcast and need a closing theme, however, I would suggest you contact Bungholio/Shooty regarding his mid-1980s recording of “Get High and Space Out.”


  2. Melmoth

    Thanks for the heads-up, I’d never thought to look out the music and put it on my ‘pod.

    My favourite when I played was Smoke From Down Below, with Nouvelle Rouvenor Hero a close second. It’s not quite the Firefly soundtrack, but the music was certainly perfect for drifting serenely through The Black.

    Oh, and the idea of an Ancient Podcast of Gaming Noobness appeals greatly.


  3. whitekitten

    OMG!!! I LOVE the groovy Eve Online music! I become hypnotized!

    But I think listening to it while looded out after surgery might be too much for me . . . I might never return. You obviously have a strong mind-body connection . . .


  4. Kilanna

    Hope you have a nice quick recovery from your surgery Wil.

    Game sountracks are awesome and for sure can add a lot to a game.

    There is a darn lot of good stuff out there too – Yesterday I took my husband, nephew and 4 friends to see the symphony called PLAY in the Sydney Opera House. Apart from the awesome venue, I really enjoyed the arangements of music from such wideranging games as Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, Zelda, Super Mario Bros and World of Warcraft.

    I am not sure if it has already toured in the US but would HIGHLY recommend it to any game lover.


  5. Pvthudson

    I still like WoW Burning Crusade soundtrack and Echoes of Faydwer the best. You can pull the EoF MP3’s off the hard drive, that whole soundtrack is just awesome


  6. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    BlueMars is cool, though like most radio, it tends to mix in tracks I really like with ones I am less thrilled about and I cannot skip ’em. But a good way to find new artists to which to listen.


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