Irontoes East Update

I have been selling out of Irontoes East in North Qeynos for a little over two weeks now. As I previously noted, this was my experiment to see if moving from a location on the whole racial ghetto bell system (Greystone Yard in my case) to a somewhat less easy to access location (North Qeynos) would have a negative impact on my sales.

The upside of the move was, of course, more space to put things up for sale.  Irontoes East offers three sales slots, versus two in the basic inn room.

My unscientific impression so far since moving is that the location had any noticeable negative impact on my sales.  For the right item, at the right price, people seem to be willing to go out of their way.

And, as a bonus, since I have had time to trade skill over the last few days, I have managed to keep all of my salesman’s crates full.  This lead to quite a profitable selling weekend.

2 thoughts on “Irontoes East Update

  1. ogrebear

    Ya no matter where you have your house people are still going to buy stuff. Most people will play the broker fee up to about 50 gold. After that my experiance is that people will go to your house, if they live in the same city, no matter where in the city it is if they want the item.


  2. Kilanna

    I know that I will certainly travel to sellers to avoid broker fees.

    In fact, when Kil was looking at her T6 mastercrafted armour I sent coin to an alt in Freeport to buy it. It saved me probably as much as 2 plat so was WELL worth it.


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