Pirates of the Burning Sea on Station Access

Flying Lab Software has announced a partnership with Sony Online Entertainment to bring their upcoming MMO, Pirates of the Burning Sea into the family of games published and distributed by SOE.

The announcement details the division of responsibilities between Flying Lab Software and SOE.  One of the benefits of this arrangement is that Pirates of the Burning Sea will be available as part of the Station Access subscription plan.

Let’s just hope SOE doesn’t raise the price again.

You can find the announcement here on the Flying Lab Software site.

The SOE press release is here.

The SOE press release also includes information about a new SOE brand called Platform Publishing that may be a change to remove some of the stigma for gaming studios of being associated SOE.

Of course, Platform Publishing still has a “station.sony.com” address, but at least the SOE name and logo need not appear on the box on the shelf.

2 thoughts on “Pirates of the Burning Sea on Station Access

  1. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    Q: How do you know if you are a pirate?

    A: Ya just Arrgh!

    (joke via my daughter)

    Yes, if I can get EQ2 and POTBS on Station Access, I will probably re-subscribe so I can also take care of my fits of EverQuest nostalgia.


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