Game Update 36 Today?

As usual, I kicked off EverQuest II this morning to check sales and just poke my nose in before work.

This morning there was a huge, Game Update-sized download.  I went to check the site to see what was up.

Unfortunately, the prevailing default behavior of information lagging behind action at SOE was still in force this morning and I saw nothing in the Game Update Notes forum about anything happening today.

The network status page, which I am glad to see now appears to reflect live data as opposed to its old, static format, does say that there is a scheduled downtime for this morning. (The page is still ugly, and less informative than even Warcraft Realms’ server status page, which is a freakin’ third party effort.  Come on SOE!)

Call me impatient I suppose, but my machine finished the download an hour ago and I still see nothing.

Yes, I am being unfair.  SOE has better things to do than keep me up to date. 

But I wanna know!  Now!

[The answer, at 11:54am Pacific Time, is yes, Game Update 36 is out today.  Notes here.]

1 thought on “Game Update 36 Today?

  1. Kilanna

    *sigh* I knew it was coming but I forgot and when I tried to log on to check my vendor over coffee this morning it took too long :(


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