Lunch at the Forsaken Inn

Every MMO has a progression, a series of areas where your adventures take place.  If properly laid out you will slowly graduate from one area to the next as your character is ready.

In Lord of the Rings Online, once through the “newbie zones,” each of the player races starts off in their own area, the Elves in Celondim, the Dwarves in Thorin’s Hall, Hobbits in the Shire, and Men in Combe.  From these points, all roads eventually lead to Bree.

It is hard for me to picture Bree as the center of trade and industry for the region (I always pictured it as a much smaller place) but at a certain point your adventuring will focus on the regions around Bree, and primarily in the strip of land that runs between Bree and the Branydwine River, an area that includes the Old Forest and the Barrow-downs. (That strip of land is 75 miles wide in Tolkien’s Middle-Earth.)

As things go, eventually quests around Bree will begin to wind down.  But if follow the right quest paths you will find yourself on your way to the Forsaken Inn.

Out where the Midgwater Marshes meet the Weather Hills (which I am told is not the home of the Weather Underground), in an area known as the Lone Lands you will find the Forsaken Inn.  It isn’t much to behold, but you cannot afford to look too flashy when you live in the shadow of Weathertop.


Shame about the hole in the roof.

Like any place, the Forsaken Inn has its regulars.  I mentioned The Whittler in a previous post.  Then there are the three vagabonds who sit around out in front of the place.


Each one of them has their own bits of advice for any passer by.  Here the one they refer to as “Cord” opines on the fare served inside. 


They are pretty vague about why they do not seem to do much besides sit around.  Inside they will tell you that the three of them got caught up in some sort of big event in Bree and the local constables thought it would be best for all if they left town. 

Here is a shot of the Bree constables taking the three in for questioning


Aside from colorful patrons and scenery reminiscent of the California inland hills in summer, the Forsaken Inn is also a gold mine of quests for the aspiring mid to late teens adventurer.  There are a large number of quests available at the inn and a number of them have objectives that overlap, so make sure you collect them all before you start off.

You can see from this list over at The Brasse that there are quite a few quests in the Lone Lands that start at the Forsaken Inn, so make sure you stop by!

But avoid the special.  I mean it.

10 thoughts on “Lunch at the Forsaken Inn

  1. Ethic

    I just ventured into the Old Forest last night on my yet-to-be-defeated Minstrel. The mood they set in there made me positive that my end was near. My heart was racing the whole time I was questing inside there. Without a map, I was lost more than found. When I finally found my way back out, the sense of relief was incredible. Only to find out from my quest turn-in that he wants me to go back in.

    I loved every second of it.


  2. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    Yeah, the environmental changes when you walk in, especially if it is bright and sunny when you start, are really cool.

    But have you found old man willow yet?


  3. Ethic

    So far I just went in looking for two hobbits and also to gather some lumber, maple syrup and mushrooms. I now have a quest to find a backpack near some spiders. Eventually I will explore the whole place. I simply refuse to use a map, I’m going to learn that place by site and memory. I did come across a field with some elite trees that seemed agitated by my presence but luckily they did not deem me worthy of stomping on (yet).

    I also came across a spot in the water with a lot of fog and creatures too tough for me so I turned tail and ran.

    It was sunny when I went in and then it got all gloomy and the music was perfect for the setting. Very intense.


  4. Sente

    Old Forest is great when it comes to setting the mood. There are a few spots here and there that are like that.

    Lone-lands is a place I really started to loathe, because of all the “kill 20 wargs/orcs/boars/whatever” and “collect 20 bones/hides/meat/whatever from boars/spiders/orcs/whatever” quests. But it was ok early on.


  5. Bildo

    The only problem I’m having with LotRO is that I feel stuck in some zones forever because there’re so few of them to play in.

    Lone-Lands was the worst. I felt like I was there forever. Things are much better now shifting between North Downs and Evendim, and soon Trollshaws.


  6. p@tsh@t

    Above the left shoulder of the first vagabond in the photo there appears to be what looks like person wearing a badge in the background.


  7. Two Hammers

    I love the in-game screenshots you grab – and finding real world picture counterparts is a great humorous touch =)

    If I’m not mistaken – those are 3 “street people” that were taken in for questioning after the JFK shooting. They turned out to be CIA. Or conspiracy buffs said they were CIA? It’s all a jumble in my game-addled mind.

    Regarding Lone-Lands. I’ve been “stuck” there for a month now. Generally, I like the area – but it still feels like a grind with no other zone options to turn to for a change of pace. Are there other good places to quest for a level 22 Dwarf? Doesn’t seem so.


  8. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    Hah! I was waiting for somebody (other than p@tsh@t) to peg that picture. (You can just see that the building in the background says “Texas School Book Depository.”) That is supposed to be, if I recall right, E. Howard Hunt (later of Watergate fame), Cord Meyer, and Frank Sturgis according to JFK assassination lore. The basic motivation for this post was that the three vagabonds reminded me immediately of those three in the pictures from Dallas.

    As for the Forgotten Lands. I am still enjoying them. They look like the inland hills of California. (Except that none of them are on fire.)

    At 22 you might be about ready to take a diversion off to Trestlebridge. My hunter couldn’t quite pull off those quests solo at 21, but it was a near run thing. There is a batch of them that deal with an orc camp just over the bridge.


  9. Yunk

    Just when you think you are done collecting boars and are done, you get to Ost Guruth, they ask you for more boars.
    I just cancelled that quest. My own way of stickin it to the man.

    In North Downs it’s all wargs and aurochs. But they do the wolf animation and sound so well I feel bad when I fight them.

    If I ever make am MMO, that will be one of my rules: no killing canines. sure kill humans, but no canines :)


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