Daily Archives: July 3, 2007

Manipulation of Markets…

There are a number of things that annoy me about the broker in EverQuest II. 

My #1 pet peeve is when a seller with a ton of stock feels so threatened by any competitor, no matter how little they have up for sale, that they need to drop their price way down to make sure their stuff sells first.  Last weekend I saw a seller with 4000 tier 7 arrows cut his price in half to get himself ahead of five other sellers with a total combined stock of less than 400 arrows.

400 arrows sell in a heartbeat.  But rather than wait a bit on a busy weekend, he dropped his price and gave away a chunk of cash in the bargain.

I see this happen all the time with harvested commodities on the broker as well.  Furthermore, since harvested raws have no value to a vendor, there is no floor on the pricing.  This leads to my #2 pet peeve, which is selling items on the broker for 1 copper.

Personally, I cannot imagine why anybody would sell below 1 silver, but you see things up on the broker for 2 copper all the time.  1 copper goes for the brokers fee and 1 copper goes to the seller. (100% brokerage fee!)

In watching the market last weekend, I decided to pick a commodity and see if I could influence its price. 

I decided to go after soaring coffee, a tier 7 provisioners harvestable.  There were three reasons behind my choice.

First, the broker showed that most sellers had soaring coffee priced under 1 silver.

Second, the total number of sellers was small, only extending into three pages on the broker.

Third, I have a provisioner who can now make soaring espresso lattes, a five hour drink that sells quite well and for a healthy margin, so if I found that I could not manipulate the market, at least I could turn my experiment into something I knew I could sell.

Friday night and Saturday I scooped up all of the stock on the market at or below 1 silver.  There was a gap between 1 silver and the next lowest seller, who listed at 6 silver. So I took what I purchased and relisted it all in my own store for 5 silver.  By Sunday morning, my supply had sold out.

Sunday I continued my purchasing, though I noticed that the market changed at least a little.  Some people still listed under 1 silver, and I scooped up their stock at once.  Others, however, began listing higher than that, but below my 5 silver price point.  I decided I would buy out everybody up to half of my 5 silver price.

As of this morning, 5 silver is now the low price on the market.  I have quite a bit of coffee up for sale now and am selling some.  However, we are now in the mid-week doldrums for market activity, plus it is a holiday week.  Next weekend may tell a different story.