The Shores of Nen Harn

Up in the extreme north eastern corner of the Bree fields, that strip of land between the Brandywine River and Bree there is a lake, Nen Harn.  As far as scenery goes, it is very nice.  It is a quiet lake nestled in some green hills with a few islands scattered about.  Here is a view of the lake.  Evening was coming in-game, so these are not the best shots.  I arrived at mid-day and should have taken some shots then beneath a brilliant blue sky.


The islands have some nice trees on them.


As I understand from a friend who played Asheron’s Call, this is a very “Turbine” thing to do.  Create a beautiful location.  Stock it with a few creatures.  Then give you no reason at all to actually go there.  Blizzard would never create a location that was so big without adding in a whole chain of quests.  Imagine Loch Modan, an area of comparable size in World of Warcraft, with one quest leading into it and no NPCs, flight points, or paths to get you there.

Actually, there is a reason to go there, but only one that I could find.  There is a level 20 quest in the horse fields called “Snapper Soup,” that sends you to Nen Harn to collect some turtle meat and turtle shells.  But even the horse fields are a bit off the path, and it is a long trot from there to Nen Harn, so I have to wonder how many people actually go there and finish the quest.

Of course, being something of a completist, I did.

The turtles are a bit sparse, but they are vicious.  I am not sure if I recall any other aggro turtles, but these really come after you.  Here is my hunter, Tistann, taking on one of the snapper turtles.


Having a hunter’s tracking skill was nice.  You need at least 15 turtles to get the drops to complete the quest, and the main item, turtle meat, only drops 80% of the time, so you have to find quite a few turtles in the tall grass.

The turtles even have a special attack.  They have a bash that sends you flying up and back about 10 feet.  I am not sure where they get the mass and velocity to do this, as they look pretty scrawny in their shells, but it happens all the same and can be a bit of a surprise, especially if you are standing with your back to the water.  You will end up all wet very quickly.

Here is my champion, Vikund, mid-flight after being socked by a turtle:


And then using his shadow to judge his descent and landing:


A shadow at night?  Maybe it was a full moon.  I only noticed the shadow when I tuned these night shots in PaintShop Pro so the action was visible.

Aside from the turtles, there are only flies and frogs about.  The flies are similar to the gnats in the Shire that follow you around for a bit.  The frogs though, are pretty big.  Not quite as big as that one from the Monster Manual that is swallowing some poor adventurer, but sizable none the less.


It is a good thing that they are not aggro.  You could lose a leg to one of these.

Nen Harn drains out at one end through a waterfall that even fewer people are likely to see.


From there the water of Nen Harn runs down through a canyon that is eventually spanned by the bridge that gives the town of Trestlebridge its name.

All in all it is a nice place, but one which I bet a lot of people will miss.

10 thoughts on “The Shores of Nen Harn

  1. pvthudson

    “that sends you to Nen Harn to collect some turtle meat and turtle shells”

    that sounds familiar, Theramore anyone?

    Meh this game is too much like WoW but not as thought out.. I commend you for sticking with it though :)

    I started my first heritage quest in EQ2 this week and so far so good, it definately has a great flavor and lore behind it, and even though I cant use the reward I can put it in my house as a sweet trophy. Content is what every game needs, and EQ2 is pretty deep with it. Maybe Turbine will be stocking that place up with things later on? Who knows


  2. Ethic

    I spent plenty of time in AC and AC2 exploring areas that felt like I was in the middle of nowhere. It was fantastic. It’s great that Turbine is continuing the tradition of making it feel like a world. Every area in the game does not need to have a purpose.


  3. Cameron Sorden

    Nen Harn was one of my favorite places to explore in LoTRO. When I first stumbled across it, I was amazed. Here’s this huge, beautiful waterfall from a giant clear lake, and no one else is around… go for a swim, play with some turtles… too bad you can only explore once. :(


  4. Yunk

    Old farmer Gamgee sends you there too. or he sends you to Goldberry who sends you there, something like that. Turns out there is a troll problem in Nen Harn.

    Plus when adventuring in North Downs I was working on tasks in the south and accidentally went too far and ended up in Nen Harn.


  5. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    I think it was farmer Maggot, but yes, I have that quest in my journal. I just haven’t gone back into the Old Forest to find Goldberry yet.


  6. Brenden

    Yes, creating little points of interest like that out in the middle of nowhere is definitely a Turbine trademark, and one of the aspects of their approach to world-building that I miss when I’m playing other games.

    I definitely recommend swinging by Nen Harn for anyone who’s up that way in LOTRO. Also, if you head south/east from there and go over the hill, there’s a valley and some ruins to check out. Don’t know if there are any quests that take you there, but it’s there to see.


  7. Saylah

    There is a reason to go to these places, and that reason belongs to the explorers. It’s good to see that Turbine has not forgotten that every stretch of landscape needn’t serve a quester’s purpose.


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  10. Tony

    I found that this area was the richest for scroll cases that I have found in the game and two of the three quests available offer them as rewards as well, You have to go out to where the orcs are in the ruins to the west of the campsite where the quests start.


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