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No Enterprise for You!

Star Trek Online.  A much anticipated MMO for many I am sure.  I am certainly looking forward to it.

Information on the game has been somewhat sparse so far.  In fact, available information about Star Trek Online took a bit of a dive when Perpetual Entertainment switched the official site to a shiny new format, something I took note of a while back.

Yesterday Darren at The Common Sense Gamer posted about this question and answer session with Daron Stinnett of Perpetual about Star Trek Online.   I am not sure I have much to add beyond Darren’s comments, but I cannot leave it alone either.

From the questions and answers, the big quote is, of course,

Can we use the Galaxy- and Sovereign class starship as a player?

[darons] Ships of that size and prominence will be used as large flying cities under NPC control.

Oh, Perpetual, you are killing me.

For those of you who do not score quite so high on the Trek Trivia scale, Galaxy and Sovereign class ships are most famously represented in the form of the USS Enterprise, with Galaxy being the class used in “The Next Generation” while the Sovereign class was the Enterprise of the TNG cast Star Trek movies. 

You know, the ship we have all seen, know, and love.

Nine months ago I wrote up my thoughts on Star Trek Online, and they included one very simple and obvious declaration.

Everybody wants to be Kirk!

Well, you cannot be Kirk if you cannot even aspire to Kirk’s ship.

Okay, this isn’t going to be EVE Online.  There is a whole IP ecosystem within which this game must live, an IP ecosystem that is guarded like… well… not as strongly as Star Wars given some of the crap that has shipped under the Star Trek banner… but somebody is minding the store I am sure, and I guess they do not want 100,000 Galaxy class cruisers roaming around.

I guess we will have to shoot for smaller goals, though not much smaller I hope, given this follow up question.

Which will be the largest ship the player can steer?

[darons] A slightly smaller than the Galaxy class at launch.

I cannot have a command cruiser, but maybe they will let me have a standard cruiser some day.  I can sort of be Kirk, though I will still suffer from some ship envy.

And while I guess I will have to live with bigger ships being under NPC control (for now), using a capital ship as a mere flying city seems like an odd choice of game mechanics as well.  Isn’t that the role of a starbase?  Or will the Enterprise and her sisters be demoted to stationary habitats for quest dispensing Star Fleet officers?

Of course, with this  as part of the vision driving the game,

Enemies both familiar and exotic must be dealt with as the Star Trek universe teeters on the brink of all-out war.

I am going to want the biggest ship I can get my hands on.  Maybe Perpetual will relent.  The release is a long time off.  It could happen.