Daily Archives: July 8, 2007

Shades of Twilight Guild Cloak

Laniala found another guild that had the “low-vis” grey on grey guild with the stars and wolf symbol that I had proposed earlier, so suggested that we choose a different color for the wolf. 

Lani proposed purple, which was fine with me, so we ended up with the cloak you see here:

Shades of Twilight - Crushbone Server

Gaff, the third member of the Shades of Twilight triumverent isn’t currently active on EQ2, so he did not get a vote.

Not having had a guild cloak before, I was a bit surprised to log on and find myself wearing the new cloak. 

Previously I had been wearing the blue cloak with the star trim that came with one of the Frostfell quests. 

I did not know that once your guild chooses a cloak design, all cloaks display as that design.