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Shut Up We’re Talking #4

“Shut Up We’re Talking,” one of the podcasts in the VirginWorlds Podcast Collective shows, posted episode four last night.

The show was Cuppy-less this week, so in addition to Darren, the special guest hosts were Brent, CEO (Chief Executive Overlord) of the VirginWorlds media empire, and myself.

This episode includes talk about why people hate on SOE, the end of Auto Assault and what genre it really was, some sort of summer MMO slump, crafting dreams and nightmares, LEGO Universe, and what we are playing.

The show runs for one hour and thirteen minutes and you can get it here as well as via iTunes.

At no point does this podcast discuss chickens.

Hardened Bronze Armour

One of the nifty aspects of trade skills in Lord of the Rings Online is that, once you have mastered a given tier of a skill, you have a small percent chance to get a critical success that will give you a better result than you expect.

I have seen this happen a few times with the prospector or forrester skills, which ends up yielding a few more ingots, hides, or wood.

The other night though, I finally hit a critical success making an actual item.  Gaff’s guardian was rolling along towards level 15, the point where he would be able to wear heavy armor.

Since I have the armor smith for the guild, I got some supplies together to get a suit ready for him.  Since Nomu, the armor smith, has made quite a bit of armor, he has mastered the first two tiers so far.

The first item I went to make was the Heavy Bronze Armour chest piece, which has the following stats:


Instead, I got a critical success and ended up with Hardened Bronze Armour, which has some nicer stats indeed:


For comparison, the base armor smith recipe for level 15 is Bronze Armour:


While the next tier, which comes up quickly at level 18, has Iron Armour as a base:


And Heavy Iron Armour as upscale version:


As you can see, I didn’t bother making the any iron armor for him, as the hardened bronze was the best of the bunch.

However, as much as he was hoping, I did not get another such critical success and he had to settle for Heavy Bronze for the rest of his suit.