Daily Archives: July 10, 2007

Lost in Space… Again

The sirens at CCP are singing their song again.

CCP sent me an email on Saturday, tempting me back into space for five days free.


I figured I might as well take them up on the offer.  I’m not buying into the idea that there is an MMO slump of any sort, but I have been hacking and slashing for months on end, so a few days among the stars seemed like a nice change.

Of course, things started off as usual for me.  I logged in at peak time with the server population above 30K.  I was docked in Jita.  I tried to undock.

And waited.

Not a long time.  Less than five minutes but more than two I would estimate.

Jita is a popular place.

But at least I had a goal in-game almost immediately!  Get the hell of Jita.

So I pulled up the map, picked a star one jump away, and went.

That is one thing about EVE, there is no lack of places to go.

The tutorial came up as I got myself in motion.  I read or heard somewhere that this was a new tutorial.  I felt I ought to try it, just to compare it to my experience with the past version.  But not now. I cancelled it and told it not to come back.  You can always start it up again from the configuration screen.

So there I was, again among the stars.  I have had my issues with EVE, but beautiful scenery has never been one of the.

My cormorant warped, cruised, jumped… the timeless cycle of travel in EVE Online.

I stopped in Niyabainen.

Then I suddenly realized I had no skill training in progress. Minutes wasted!

The mantra of EVE Online: Always be training.

And the uncertainties started in again.  What skill should I train?  What do I need?  What would be useful sooner rather than later?  What is a false path, what is a true one?

I chose Shield Upgrades and started that working towards rank 3.  I might need that some day, right?  Fine, at least valuable training time would not be lost.

And then I thought about what to do next.

Run a mission or three I suppose.

There was even an agent available to me in system.  I headed to Roki Kaurinen at the Caldari Navy Assembly Plant.

I had not run any missions for this particular agent before.  Should I start now? 

I am not even sure of the right protocol for running missions.  Should you stick with one agent until something changes?  Should you spread about and build faction with a series of agents?  Does it matter?  Should I just do my 16 runs as fast as possible to get the story line missions?

Well, the agent with whom I had built the most faction, Purkkoken Honuken, is based Jita, and I wasn’t going to go back there if I could avoid it.  Not at peak hour, anyway.

I dug in and ran a few missions for Roki.

The same missions I had run before.  In fact, in running six missions, I got two repeats, including two runs through “Worlds Collide.”

This isn’t exactly a step up from “kill ten rats.”  In fact, running things like “Avenge a Fallen Comrade” six times in a week’s worth of missions was one of the things that soured me a bit on EVE. 

Oh well.  EVE is about the PvP, right?  I am a long way away from that still.

At least I hit that magic “16th mission” and got a story line mission.  And it was a tough one.  I had to run back for repairs twice during the mission and once for a reload because I left the hanger with my magazines nearly empty.

Faction up! Cash up! Fun up!

But once I was through with it, I was back to the same old missions. 

Maybe I ought to just go back to hacking and slashing again.

I have some fun running the missions of course.  It is not complete tedium.  I just do not have any goals, and I am really a goal oriented person.

Maybe Warp Drive Active can help me.