Daily Archives: July 12, 2007

Vanguard Server Merge Update

It looks like the plans for server consolidation have been firmed up. In brief, here is the list of the new servers for Vanguard and which current servers will be merged into each:

  • There will be 2 US PVE, 1 EU PVE, and 1 US PVP server.
    • Xeth  PVE US
      1. Thunderaxe
      2. Woefeather
      3. Gulgrethor
      4. Hilsbury
    • Seradon PVE US
      1. Targonor
      2. Florendyl
      3. Flamehammer
      4. Shidreth
    • Halgar PVE EU
      1. Gelenia
      2. Infineum
    • Sartok PVP US FFA
      1. Tharridon
      2. Varking
      3. Frengrot
  • All existing servers will go away and everyone will be moved to new servers.
  • Each character will get one free server move after the merge.
  • PVP players will be able to move to PVP OR PVE servers.
  • PVE players will only be able to move to PVE servers.
  • PVP rule set will be FFA.

Xeth, Seradon, Halgar and Sartok were the server names with the most votes.

More information was posted here about the details of the merge. 

The time frame is still up in the air, with David “Hasium” Gilbertson writing that they have at least two more weeks of work to do before the merge can commence.

EVEMon 1.2.4

Being back in EVE Online means updating the few EVE Online utilities I use.  A bit of looking showed that only EVEMon seems to be up to date and supported at the moment, with version 1.2.4 showing up just a couple of days before I got back in the game.

The API Key interface that allows you to access account data without having to give out your user name and password looks to be a great feature from CCP and it is now supported EVEMon 1.2.4. 

The full list of 1.2.4 changes:


  • API interface. We no longer need your username and password. Instead, we use your API key (see CCP’s API Key page). You will be prompted to enter your numeric userid and Limited Use API key when you first start EVEMon (once per account). You can change them at any time by right clicking the throbber (spinning circle). The advantages of this are that we no longer need your password, and we can get character updates every hour if needed.
  • EVEMon will update itself with new data files as we make them available.
  • Skills file is updated for Revelations II (Item and ships to follow).
  • Main window now has menus instead of toolbars.
  • If you have any accounts that don’t have a character training, then a warning appears on the status bar with a tooltip that indicates the accounts not training.
  • Portraits can be obtained from several places – right click on your portrait to configure this.
  • You can delete multiple plan entries in the planner window.
  • The planner window has a skill tree (click the book icon) and you can drag skills from the tree onto your plan.
  • Schedule conflicts are now shown in their own column in the plan browser.
  • CTRL+Enter on planner window will open the entry?s notes window.
  • Plan can be sorted by longest trainable skill first – handy for vacations and patch days!
  • Skills on the “required skills” lists in the ship and item browser are clickable.
  • Skills on the skill browser’s skill graph are clickable.
  • The Skill browser has a splitter bar between the skill description and the graph (making it easier to see long skill descriptions).
  • The skill tree in the skill browser can highlight any skills that are partially trained between levels. This is configured by the settings/look and feel menu.
  • A new skill filter “Not known but trainable”.
  • Skills on the “required skills” lists in the ship and item browser are clickable.
  • Piechart can now show your skills as they would be at the end of the selected plan
  • Ships and Items can be compared by control-click on the selection tree, and the trees have an expand/collapse all option.
  • “Safe for work” options are improved.
  • The Implant Calculator has been enhanced to take account of your jump clones.
  • New option to manually sync with inEve (requires you NOT to have a password on your inEVE account).
  • Pie charts can be sorted by category or size.
  • You can configure a proxy server for the TQ status check.
  • The application title bar can be configured to show the training skill name.
  • New “Clear old entries” button on scheduler window.


  • TQ doesn’t show “offline” if you have no network connection.
  • The pie chart no longer sucks all your CPU.
  • Many bugs with skill training complete/skill switching were fixed.
  • Planner window auto size wasn’t always working.
  • Implant calculator wasn’t considering learning skills in the plan.
  • We fixed some bugs when sorting plans by priority.
  • The scheduler calendar now understand US and European calendars (different 1st day of the week).
  • Order of your character tabs is remembered now.
  • Settings file corruption issues fixed.
  • Pie chart doesn?t crash if you have no characters.
  • Character Cache location fixed (you will need to move the duplicate tree in your settings folder).

You can find EVEMon here.  It is a great utility.