Vanguard Server Merge Update

It looks like the plans for server consolidation have been firmed up. In brief, here is the list of the new servers for Vanguard and which current servers will be merged into each:

  • There will be 2 US PVE, 1 EU PVE, and 1 US PVP server.
    • Xeth  PVE US
      1. Thunderaxe
      2. Woefeather
      3. Gulgrethor
      4. Hilsbury
    • Seradon PVE US
      1. Targonor
      2. Florendyl
      3. Flamehammer
      4. Shidreth
    • Halgar PVE EU
      1. Gelenia
      2. Infineum
    • Sartok PVP US FFA
      1. Tharridon
      2. Varking
      3. Frengrot
  • All existing servers will go away and everyone will be moved to new servers.
  • Each character will get one free server move after the merge.
  • PVP players will be able to move to PVP OR PVE servers.
  • PVE players will only be able to move to PVE servers.
  • PVP rule set will be FFA.

Xeth, Seradon, Halgar and Sartok were the server names with the most votes.

More information was posted here about the details of the merge. 

The time frame is still up in the air, with David “Hasium” Gilbertson writing that they have at least two more weeks of work to do before the merge can commence.

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