Level 70 Woodworker

After grinding out a batch of tier seven arrows every night for the last couple of weeks, my woodworker is finally level 70.  Here he is at the magic moment in North Qeynos:


I suppose this isn’t a huge deal.  After all, he was level 60 before Kingdom of the Sky came out, so it has been well over a year to get those ten levels.

On the other hand, I have not been into the trade skill groove as much since I came back to the game for Echoes of Faydwer.  I have done some, most obviously with Blintz and armor crafting, but I have been much more concentrated on adventuring.

Lately though I have been on a trade skill binge in EverQuest II.  It got kicked off when I had my wisdom teeth out and was on vicondin for a few days.  Drugged, happy, and relaxed, I wasn’t very motivated to find adventure, so I stayed in town and worked on crafting.

And once I managed to get Vikund to the point where he could make tier 7 arrows, I was hooked.  Arrows seem to be a money maker.  Other projectiles can sit around for ages, but rangers use up arrows like crazy, so I was motivated to crank out some more arrows every night both to skill up and to make some cash.

Now that he is level 70, I’ll have to consider which craft I should persue next, if any.  I have a jeweler, an alchemist, and a weapon smith to choose from.

2 thoughts on “Level 70 Woodworker

  1. Fred

    Congrats!! I just can never seem to get motivated to tradeskill. I wish that there were interesting tradeskill quests or leveling tradeskilling to not just involve grinding on useless items that you sell as vendor trash.
    Please MMO developers, find a way to make crafting more exciting!!!


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