Daily Archives: July 14, 2007


I picked up the July 23rd edition of Time Magazine that showed up in the mail today.  Inside I found, on page 67, that LOLCATS in general and I CAN HAS CHEESEBURGER? specifically, had made it to the national news scene.

It is a meme like no other.

You can find the online version of the article here.

(And I feel like this today.)

So I Paid the $9.95

I subscribed to EVE Online for another month.  I will have another month to try to figure out what in the heck I am doing in the game.  Another month of feeling like an incredibly small speck of dust in an immense universe.

Who was going on recently about needing to feel like a hero in an MMO?

I have felt lost, stupid, frustrated, and, on occasion, intensely immersed in the game.  But I have never felt heroic.  I wonder what that means?

So EVE Online is back under the heading “The Games I Play.”

And how did I justify this expense to myself?

Well, it was simple.  I allow myself to be subscribed to two monthly billing MMOs at any given time.

Right now those two MMOs are EverQuest II and EVE Online.

And if that is true, then I have either cancelled my account to Lord of the Rings Online or I paid $199 back in May for a lifetime subscription.   And if I did the latter, then it is no longer, technically, a monthly billing MMO for me.

I call it the LOTRO Lifetime Loophole.

And, as somebody else commented, in going for the founder’s lifetime subscription deal (there, I gave you the answer.  I was going to make people guess.), I do feel considerably less pressure to “get my money’s worth” every month.

The lifetime membership was in popular enough that Turbine even reintroduced lifetime membership for non-founders.  Of course, they upped the price.  You have to fork over $299 for a lifetime subscription to LOTRO now.  Not that I would recommended it at that price, but then I did not have to pay that price.

Happy Bastille Day.