Daily Archives: July 15, 2007

SOE & Star Trek Online

As Sony Online Entertainment will be publishing Perpetual’s first MMO title, Gods & Heroes, it seems a reasonable assumption that, unless something goes awry with the relationship, SOE could end up publishing Star Trek Online as well.

This could lead to an interesting situation. SOE would then be involved with the MMO versions of both the Star Wars and Star Trek franchises.

What would come of this? What Star Trek vs. Star Wars conflicts would spill out into the open?

(I had no doubt that there would be a Wikipedia entry on Star Trek vs. Star Wars. It is a vital issue!)

What would Fan Faire be like?

Would they have to keep the red shirt and Spock-eared attendees away from the storm troopers and Jedi?

Could there be a possible pointy-ear alliance between the high fantasy elf players and the Vulcan aficionados?

Could Darth Vader be swayed by a Klingon Empire expansion to Star Trek Online?

How do The Matrix Online and Planetside fit into the equation?

Where do wookies fall?

I think I need Yivvits and Mr. Bubble to help answer these answers.

Station.com Updated

This evening I was looking in at the Sony Online Entertainment website, Station.com, and I see that they have redone the site quite extensively.

The Official SOE Podcast section has a new look and, rather annoyingly, a new URL. The old one still gets you to the podcast site, but all my past links directly to shows now just end up on the main page as well. Life on the web. The new location for the podcast is here.

Rather tantalizingly, there is an entry up in the SOE Press Room about the new Station Launcher. It has a few vague details and no release date listed, but I will be watching that location for an update.

Right now I am sitting in Carlsbad, about 25 miles north of SOE (and about 400 miles south of my home), so I am not going to redo all the direct links to podcast episodes until next weekend.

I still have to get my wife to buy in on going a bit off the path on our way to SeaWorld tomorrow so I can take a picture of SOE HQ. I do wish I had the street address for Sigil Online (now SOE in Carlsbad), so I could take a quick run past there to see what I could see.

Just Silly EVE Chat

Of course, one of the reasons I tend to turn off chat channels is that I am, as often as not, part of the problem.

[23:13:25] Y***** > what ships do most people fight in?

[23:13:43] Wilhelm Arcturus > relationships!

[23:13:53] R**** B***** > Ibis of doom’s

[23:14:08] R****** E******** > Wilhelm, I’m writing that down.  Kudos. :)

[23:14:20] Wilhelm Arcturus > Yeah, I plan to use it again myself =)

And I even reused it as promised.