EVE Online Zoom Gripe

Can somebody explain to me why, in EVE Online, zooming in and out when using the scroll wheel is inverted from every other application I use?

No, really. This is one of the little quirks of the game that actually annoys me.

I seem to recall that Planetside had this same little quirk at one point. Is this a science fiction game feature?

Anyway, if you know how to fix this in EVE, let me know.

Edit: It is five years later and I still get comments or email messages about this once in a while.  All I want is a check box to invert the currently backwards control.  Will our abject suffering never end?

21 thoughts on “EVE Online Zoom Gripe

  1. Rick

    Fascinating, I never noticed. I’ve played some games where mouselook is the opposite of what I expect…I try to look down and my character looks up…but there’s always an option to invert the mouse.

    I looked through the settings and .ini files, but didn’t see an option to invert scroll behavior.


  2. p@tsh@t

    Thats a good point and something thats kind of bothered me too. Its a subtle effect but it makes me feel less ship-centric.

    Totally immersion breaking. ;)

    But seriously, post it if you get a fix.


  3. Madest

    Seems to work proper to me… If i want to zoom out i roll the wheel away from me and if i want it to zoom in i roll the wheel towards me. How is that backwards? I think it works great and to flip it your way would be a bit bizarre.


  4. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    Well, as I said above, every single other application I try, graphics, games, or what not, does it the other way.

    But to take your example, we’re viewing from the camera, so rolling the wheel towards you should pull the camera back. That seems to be the logic everybody else is following.

    I should dig out the Microsoft UI guide, because I would bet that the recommended zoom control convention is the opposite of what CCP is doing.


  5. yunk

    “Seems to work proper to me… If i want to zoom out i roll the wheel away from me and if i want it to zoom in i roll the wheel towards me. How is that backwards?”

    It’s backwards from every single other game I’ve ever played.

    I played lots of flight sims so I always invert the mouse so back is up and forward is down. I always invert the mouse – but my friends who’ve never played flight sims don’t. Pushing the wheel forward to zoom in goes along with this, as pulling the wheel back to zoom out. Plus the idea of scrolling “forward” equals zooming “in” since you move forward. Scrolling “back” would move the camera back, i.e. zoom out.

    I guess you’re thinking of moving the actual entire environment, not just moving the camera. So moving the wheel back means you’re pulling the scene closer to you.

    But usually the paradigm is that of a camera, to the point games even use the word “camera” in the settings.

    It’s YOU who are the oddball! All you backward zoomers! :)


  6. CrazyKinux

    I’m so used to the zooming in EVE that it’s all the games that feel awkward to me – not EVE! Would be nice though to be able to switch between the two. CCP, you listening?


  7. Godlesswanderer

    It doesn’t really bother me either way. The inverted scrolling feels normal in EVE and non-invertedness feels normal in any other game. The only time it felt a bit awkward was when I started playing again last week. It only took me about 5 seconds to get used to it again and then I was fine.


  8. Dragoniel

    I was looking forward to trying out EVE online, but this is just unacceptable. Until they implement an option to change this, I’m not paying.

    What sane developer would make such a vital control totally different from every other game without an option to configure it…


  9. Dragoniel

    “Minor annoyance” when you get used to it. I’m playing other games, which include other MMOS where wheel is very important and everywhere default wheel behavior is being used (that can not be changed either, but at least it’s the “correct” way), so this is not something minor.

    But this is just my opinion and my own personal choice, of course. I can put up with disturbingly tiny text size (even if my eyes hurt at the evening), but I refuse to confuse my reflexes on something that will cause me problems in the other games I play.


  10. Daniel

    Zooming in and out is not that important, but it just makes me sad that CCP still hasn’t made it possible to change this setting. Would be so easy.

    Instead they are implementing monocles and other useless vanity stuff.

    A little bit disappointing


  11. Anonymous

    Im actually having this problem now. Its realy weird that over all these years they havent implemented something simple like invert zoom in options lol. Seems like a tiny detail that can be easely implemented.


  12. Dragoniel

    Yeah. That game is complicated as it is, having completely uncustomisable UI doesnt help in the least. So much potential, yet so little attention to details.


  13. Lady Chrysillis

    This is frustrating me so much!!!! Why doesn’t it use proper zoom controls? You scroll up should equal zoom in, NOT zoom out! It works that way on maps, on pictures, on everything else!! Why is it inverted here?


  14. Anonymous

    GOD DAMN IT’S ANNOYING!!!!! I mean seriously ! instead of just jumping in to the game and learning it i found i spent most of my time spinning around in circles. This would not be a hard change to implement. Saying that “there doesn’t seem like something is wrong” to you is because you’re not used to playing it that way like other people.

    Picture this. Jump in a car and the steering is reversed…how long could you drive without crashing? If you got used to it that way and jumped in to another car would you be able to drive normally immediately??? I think not.


  15. Wtf Scroll Wheel

    Seriously 6 years and no option for inverting the mouse?

    What the hell is wrong with these people?


  16. Asdolo

    Trying the game for the first time.

    I’m EXTREMELY annoyed by the inverted mouse zoom.

    Why the hell is it designed this way, and why the hell there isn’t an option to invert it?


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